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Transfer and Test Credit

The Office of the Registrar manages test and transfer credit and works with academic departments on campus to determine how coursework from post-secondary institutions can be applied at RIT.

In order to have test or transfer credit evaluated by RIT, a student must submit an official transcript of the work completed directly from the school/organization to RIT. Prior to completing test or transfer coursework, a student may review the transfer and test equivalency tables (found below) to understand better how credit may transfer.

Current RIT students interested in completing coursework outside of RIT should refer to the Transfer Equivalency section to determine which courses have already been evaluated and how they will transfer to RIT. If a course is not included in the list, a student must submit the Transfer Articulation Request form prior to completing the course. If there are questions regarding transfer credit for current RIT students, please email

Prospective RIT students and applicants should contact an admissions counselor in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to request an evaluation of any courses not included in the Transfer Equivalency section of this website or with any other questions regarding applying to RIT. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions can be reached by phone at 585-475-6631 or by email at

AP, CLEP, and IB Test Credit

All AP, CLEP and IB test results should be sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

The charts below provide the test credit equivalencies for Advanced Placement(AP), College Level Examination Program(CLEP), and International Baccalaureate(IB).


Advanced Placement


International Baccalaureate

Transfer Credit Equivalencies

RIT Transfer Credit Equivalencies

The following is a collection of external courses that have been reviewed and determined to be equivalent to RIT courses and/or are applicable to general education or elective requirements. Many of the equivalencies are a direct (one-to-one) match, where one external course is equivalent to one RIT course. However, there are some instances where multiple external courses may be listed as equivalent to one or more RIT courses. In these cases all courses must be completed to receive the listed credit.

Be sure to read the “Notes” column for any specific information about individual rules.

Per RIT policy, only grades of C or higher are accepted for transfer credit. No transfer credit will be awarded for grades of C- or lower.

This equivalency list is available to provide information on how transferred courses will be awarded credit at RIT. However, the list does not guarantee the credit will count for a specific RIT program requirement. Before taking a course outside of RIT, it is important for current RIT students to speak to their academic advisor to determine if the transfer courses are appropriate for their plan of study.

TXFR – Potential Elective Credit

Individual degree programs make the decision if elective credit will be awarded when there is not an direct course equivalency. These courses are listed as TXFR 100 – Potential Free Elective Credit, and TXFR 101 – Potential General Education Elective credit. If there are questions regarding if and how this credit will be accepted by a particular degree program, please contact that program.

Articulation Requests

If you are interested in a transfer course that is not on the equivalency list, please complete the articulation request form. Please note it can take up to three weeks for a course to be reviewed and an equivalency to be determined.            


View Transfer Credit Equivalencies Here  

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What schools or organizations will RIT accept transfer credit from?

    While RIT will accept credit from a variety of sources, if credit is being completed at an external school or organization that is not regionally or nationally accredited it is important to check prior to completing any coursework to determine if credit can be accepted.

    Credits from a foreign post-secondary institution that is recognized by the local Ministry of Education as a degree-granting institution may be accepted for transfer credit evaluation.

  2.  Where should transcripts be sent?

    For prospective students, prior to their first semester at RIT, all transcripts should be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by mail to 60 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester NY 14623, or electronically to

    For current RIT students, transcripts should be sent to the Office of the Registrar by mail to 27 Lomb Memorial Drive Rochester NY 14623 or electronically to

    RIT accepts transcripts received by mail or electronically as long as they are sent directly from the other school or organization. RIT will not accept transcripts forwarded from students, or unofficial transcripts.

  3. What grade is required to receive transfer credit?

    Transfer credit at the undergraduate level will only be granted for course work completed with a grade of "C" or above (no grade of C- or below will be awarded transfer credit).

    Transfer credit at the graduate level will only be granted for course work completed with a grade of “B” or above.

  4. How much transfer credit can be awarded toward an RIT degree?

    RIT’s undergraduate residency requirement states that a minimum of 25% of the total semester credit hours required for the degree shall consist of successfully completed RIT courses.  RIT’s graduate residency requirement states that a minimum of 67% of the total semester credit hours required for the degree shall consist of successfully completed RIT courses.

  5. Will transfer credit be accepted if the coursework was completed a long time ago?

    Credits earned a number of years before application for admission will be evaluated for credit on a provisional basis, subject to validation and accessibility of course information.

  6. Can a transfer course be used to replace an RIT grade?

    No. If a course was completed at RIT the RIT grade will remain a part of the student’s record and will be calculated into the GPA. If a transfer course is completed to fulfill a requirement after an unsuccessful attempt at RIT, the transfer course can be used to complete the requirement, but the RIT grade will remain on the student’s record and in the GPA calculation.

    If a student receives transfer credit and then completes the same course at RIT at a later date, the transfer credit will be automatically excluded from the student’s record and the RIT completion of the course will be counted.

  7. My previous university gave Pass/Fail and Credit/No Credit grades. Will RIT accept courses with these grades?

    If the other university's academic policy specifies that Pass or Credit is equivalent to the letter grade of C or above (grades of C- or below will not be awarded transfer credit), we will review the course for possible transfer credit.

  8. Will the GPA from my previous university appear on my RIT transcript?

    No. We do not record GPA information from other colleges or universities.

  9. At my previous university, I received credit for a course through "Credit by Examination". Can I get transfer credit for this course at RIT?

    Performances on standardized exams, such as AP, CLEP, etc. will be re-evaluated by RIT. Courses that appear as Credit by Exam on transcripts that are for non-standardized exams (e.g., exams created by the university) are not eligible for credit.