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Faculty Forecast: May 2017

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Do you have plans for the summer?
The summer months may be filled with vacations or perhaps just relaxing with friends and family, but in academia faculty are likely still thinking about “work” in the form of research and writing. A recent article published in The Chronicle of Higher Education titled “How to Make Time for Research and Writing” offers advice from faculty, for faculty, on how to set an agenda for yourself for summer writing.

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We now close out another academic year that has been filled with teaching, research, and a myriad of creative projects. We look forward to welcoming you in the Fall with a new President, David Munson, on board and a lineup of activities in our Faculty Success Series. Here are a few to set the stage.

August 10 — Adjunct Faculty Orientation

New and returning adjunct faculty are welcome at these sessions, which provide critical information and resources and identify where you can find support at RIT. View our Adjunct Orientation materials for more information.

August 16-18 — New Faculty Orientation

New Faculty Orientation (NFO) is focused on three key success factors for new faculty: introduction to critical information, socialization with their cohort and integration with RIT culture, and network building within and across colleges and disciplines. View the NFO website for more information, including resources and connections on where to find support at RIT.

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