Process Optimization

The way products are made can significantly affect product quality and production costs, but can also directly affect a company’s overall operational efficiency and environmental impacts in less obvious ways. Together, these are key factors that can either inhibit or unlock a company’s ability to be (and remain) competitive.

We work with companies to improve manufacturing processes and adopt new production technologies that aim to achieve a competitive edge. We seek to maximize value through increased quality and efficiency. At the same time, we work to reduce economic and environmental costs by minimizing resource consumption, energy use, and waste generation. Our staff expertise, advanced research infrastructure, and broad industry network will work to help you access, develop, and implement technologies that enable improved product characteristics and new organizational benefits.

How Can We Help You?

  • Industry 4.0 transition assistance
  • Development and validation of new process concepts
  • Development of remanufacturing and repair processes
  • Manufacturing process simulation and impact analysis
  • Implementation of smart and digital manufacturing technologies: use of a more effective collection and use of data within manufacturing operations for operations management, process automation and control, product quality, process energy optimization, etc.
  • Application of additive manufacturing technologies
  • Development and evaluation of quality and inspection methodologies
  • Application of production equipment maintenance technologies, such as Reliability Centered and Condition Based Maintenance (RCM, CBM)
  • Integration of process automation and control strategies
  • Solutions to improve energy, water, and material efficiency