Technology Advancement

Technology is rapidly advancing in many scientific disciplines. This evolution is constantly changing what manufacturers can do and what customers expect, as well as how these two intersect.

In this industrial environment, new technology adoption is often met with many challenges, including technical and economic barriers.

We work with companies to match new technologies to existing manufacturing challenges in innovative ways. We also advance technologies that are not yet market-ready to encourage broad adoption and capture new opportunities.

We focus on developing and integrating these technologies to enhance product and process capabilities and support improved decision-making for manufacturing, service, and use. Through our approach, we help businesses create entirely new product and service offerings, changing the ways manufacturers can meet evolving customer demands.

How Can We Help You?

  • Technology road mapping
  • Systems analysis and technology integration
  • Lifecycle data integration, communication, and decision platforms
  • Real-time data collection, data mining, and analysis
  • Development and testing of smart and networked products
  • Facility-level energy use optimization