Advisors Council


RIT Advisors Council is a wonderful resource for professional staff advisors, faculty advisors, and student support advisors. We have several objectives:

  • Share advising-related information with each other
  • Provide a better understanding of policies and procedures on campus
  • Provide information and updates regarding programs on campus that benefit our students
  • Share strategies, best practices, and emerging research obtained via professional organizations and national conferences
  • Reflect on current policies and practices related to advising and make recommendations to university leadership to strengthen them
  • Participate in training and updates with regard to technology used in the advising process (degree audit, onbase, SIS, etc.)

Undergraduate Advising Vision

Academic advising at RIT is an ongoing, consistent, deliberate process that intentionally fosters student growth and development.

Undergraduate Advising Mission

As a deliberate process, academic advising at RIT fosters a collaborative relationship between a student and advisor. It is our mission to engage and empower each student to take responsibility for their learning and to make decisions that will positively advance their personal, educational, and professional goals. Our student-centered approach enriches student learning and facilitates their development in preparation for success within a diverse, global society.

We welcome all advisors and colleagues who interface with advising services to our meetings.

Meeting Dates


SPRING (2235)
Tuesday, January 9th 9:00-10:30AM: Bamboo Rooms 2610/2650
Tuesday, February 13th 9:00-10:30AM: Bamboo Rooms 2610/2650
Tuesday, March 19th 9:00-10:30AM: Bamboo Rooms 2610/2650
Tuesday, April 2nd 9:00-10:30AM: Bamboo Rooms 2610/2650
Tuesday, May 14th 9:00-10:30AM: Bamboo Rooms 2610/2650
Summer (2238)
Tuesday,  June 11th 8:30-10:30AM: GLE-2580, Xerox Auditorium
Tuesday, July 9th 9:00-10:30AM: Bamboo Rooms 2610/2650
Tuesday, August 13th 9:00-10:30AM: Bamboo Rooms 2610/2650


Meeting minutes are available in the RIT Digital Archive under Academic Affairs (included in the Associate Provost for Teaching and Learning Services sub-community).


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