General Education

In accordance with RIT’s mission, the General Education curriculum is the foundation for preparing students for lifelong learning, for success in their chosen fields, and for their role in society as well-educated and knowledgeable citizens. General Education is a signature curriculum for the university, with an impact on all students and programs.

The general education curriculum:

  • Provides the opportunity to gain important skills, such as writing, ethical reasoning, scientific inquiry, and global awareness
  • Complements and supports a student’s program curriculum

Students in all BS degree programs are required to complete at least 60 semester credit hours of general education. Students in BFA programs are required to complete 30 semester credit hours of general education.

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Perspectives are designated General Education courses that introduce undergraduate students to the fundamentals of liberal arts and sciences courses. Perspective courses are typically taken in the first and second year. You should review your Academic Advisement Report (AAR) to see how your courses are being used toward your general education requirements.

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Immersions are a series of three related upper-level general education courses. The nine-credit hour immersion requirement supports deeper learning within a focus area. All undergraduate students must complete an immersion.

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In many cases, an immersion can lead to a minor with the addition of two courses. All students need to declare an immersion, but minors are optional. Please note that not all minors have a corresponding immersion and vice-versa.

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