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People across New York State want to make the places where they live and work more sustainable—but they don’t always know where to start. The New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP2I) gives Empire State businesses, communities, and nonprofits the practical tools and solutions they need to realize the benefits of sustainability for our economy, environment, and our society as a whole.

Our team of engineers and sustainability specialists know firsthand the practical challenges facing organizations like businesses, municipalities, and communities who want to become more sustainable. That’s why they are able to offer customized solutions and educational resources that deliver on results and budget.
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Sustainable Manufacturing Assessment

Manufacturers that incorporate sustainability into how they work are more efficient and productive while minimizing their impact on the environment. We guide New York State manufacturers step by step to become sustainable through cost-effective, implementable solutions.

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Supply Chain Sustainability

We support businesses in New York State that are ready to take advantage of supply-chain sustainability as an opportunity for lasting growth and success. We help our clients leverage supply-chain sustainability to better manage risk and to increase stakeholder value and brand loyalty.

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Technology Commercialization

We give the many businesses across New York State that are developing tomorrow’s groundbreaking products, technologies, and manufacturing processes the technical validation services they need to take their innovations to market with confidence. 

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Food Waste Diversion

We connect businesses, municipalities, and communities across New York State with the funding, expertise, and practical tools they need to sustainably manage food waste. We help our partners to identify practical solutions for mitigating the impacts of food waste through prevention, donation, and recycling.

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Life Cycle Assessment

As certified life-cycle assessment (LCA) professionals, we perform LCAs to help manufacturers, businesses, nonprofits, and municipalities make informed, smart choices to identify environmental hotspots, support green marketing claims, and meet customer sustainability demands.

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Green Chemistry and Emerging Contaminants

We work to address chemical pollution at its source by helping entities across New York State identify alternative chemicals and processes and adopt greener chemical solutions for safer and more sustainable products. Additionally, we provide educational and research support in Green Chemistry and emerging chemicals of concern.

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Outreach & Education

We educate businesses, organizations, and the public across New York State on using sustainability tools and methods to prevent waste, reuse materials, and avoid toxics. We work within key business sectors to develop and implement pollution prevention best practices, and we fund community projects to aid local initiatives that demonstrate broad community impact and address communities affected by environmental harms and risk such as environmental justice (EJ) communities.

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Latest News

  • January 19, 2024

    A composite grid of photos showing (from top left, clockwise) food waste, fresh produce, a grocery store worker, an anaerobic digester, and a group of people doing yard work.

    Program to lift efforts to divert food waste quadruples goal, offsetting CO2e of a car circling globe 8K times

    A program to tackle food waste by reimbursing community- and business-led projects across New York State exceeded its original goal by more than 400 percent, keeping 125,065 tons of food scraps and edible food out of landfills. Over six years, it provided key capital funding for many businesses, municipalities, and nonprofits as efforts to turn the tide on wasted food that continued to grow in the Empire State.

  • November 10, 2023

    Aerial view of Governors Island and New York City.

    World Bank leader tapped to lead The New York Climate Exchange on Governors Island

    The New York Climate Exchange, a first-of-its-kind organization working to implement innovative climate solutions across the globe, has announced Stephen Hammer as its founding CEO. Hammer will lead a consortium of over 45 partner organizations, including RIT and other leading research universities, and multi-national companies, that are committed to solving the most pressing climate challenges of our time. 

  • October 26, 2023

    five college students looking at a tray of small plants just starting to grow.

    NYSP2I selects 12 awardees for 2023-2024 Community Grants Program

    The New York State Pollution Prevention Institute has announced selections for its 2023-2024 Community Grants Program. The program provides nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and local governments both financial and technical assistance for projects that promote and implement pollution-prevention practices at the community level.

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