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New York State Pollution Prevention Institute New York State Pollution Prevention Institute


Supply Chain Sustainability

A sustainable supply chain can benefit all of New York State—our businesses, communities, and environment.

The New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP2I) helps manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to implement cost-effective supply-chain solutions that deliver long-term environmental, social, and economic value.

Why it matters

A sustainable supply chain

  • provides the transparency consumers increasingly look for when making purchasing decisions;
  • minimizes the impact of our economic activity on the environment; and
  • is more resource efficient, passing on cost savings to businesses.


Who is eligible

NYSP2I’s supply-chain sustainability assistance is available to businesses and manufacturers registered with New York State.

What do we do

NYSP2I supports businesses in New York State who are ready to take advantage of supply-chain sustainability as an opportunity for lasting growth and success. We help our clients leverage supply-chain sustainability to better manage risk and to increase stakeholder value and brand loyalty.


How much it costs

Funding from New York State is available for each project, and can cover a significant subsidy of the total costs associated with becoming a sustainable supplier or sustainable buyer in the supply chain.

What services do we offer?

  • supply-chain sustainability assessments
  • preparation support for third-party certification (e.g., Ecolabels, ISO 14001 )
  • development of
    • sustainable sourcing and procurement policies;
    • supplier code-of-conduct and scorecard resources; and
    • supplier tracking, traceability, and metrics.
  • guidance on customer scorecard and questionnaire design
  • zero-waste assessments and solutions for source reduction
  • action plans for achieving supply-chain transparency
  • turnkey recommendations for realizing supply-chain cost benefits

Why work with us?

Save money: A sustainable supply chain is a more efficient one, improving the financial bottom line.

Reduce risk: Mitigate business and brand risk by understanding environmental impacts of self and suppliers.

Grow revenue: Improve market positioning as a sustainability leader, building trust with partner suppliers, and becoming a supplier of choice for customers.