RIT Archives Use & Reproduction Policies

If you are interested in reproductions either for publication/commercial use or for research/personal use please complete our reproduction application and email to ritarchive@rit.edu.  


Researchers should note that compliance with copyright law is their responsibility. Outside of materials created by RIT, the RIT Archives does not hold copyright to the majority of the materials within its holdings, and accordingly cannot legally grant permission to cite or reprint such material.
Publication permission can be granted by the RIT Archives for a limited array of materials, where the literary and artistic rights are owned by the University (as the creator) or where such rights have been legally transferred to RIT. 

Currently the RIT Archives owns the rights to: 

Bernie Boston Collection: $150 for use per image

Suggested Citation Format:

[Author/Creator], [Description of item(s)], [Collection Title and resource identifier], Box [x], Folder [x], RIT Archives, Rochester Institute of Technology.

RIT Archives will reproduce materials to the extent that physical condition and copyright or other legal restrictions permit. Reproductions are provided in electronic format:

  • Text: Low-resolution digital image (200-dpi multi-page PDF)
  • Photos/slides/graphic images: High-resolution digital image (300-dpi or 600-dpi; TIFF or JPEG)
  • Audio: Digital audio file (.mp3)
  • Video: Digital video file (.mp4)

Reproductions take a minimum of 10 business days from receipt of request. Delivery timeline of reproductions will depend on the digitization queue and the complexity of the request. 
For non-commercial uses
(i.e., private individuals for personal use, reference, or scholarship): There is no charge for digitization requests that can be handled on-site (currently only DVD or VHS can be handled onsite). Please note that for larger requests or specialized formats that need to be sent off-site, vendor fees will be charged. (At this time, we are unable to provide a predetermined menu of fees should a vendor be required; estimates and quotes will be supplied on a case-by-case basis.)
For commercial uses
(i.e., for use in a publication, documentary, or broadcast): $25 per image
On-Site Researcher Reproductions:

We allow researchers to capture digital images of materials from the collections (when restrictions do not exist).

  • Personal cameras/phones are allowed in the reading room.
  • A desktop scanner is available for use upon request. After scanning researchers can email files to themselves or save the files to a USB drive.
  • A document camera is available to researchers. This high-resolution document camera attaches to your Windows or Mac computer and allows you to save images directly to your laptop.
  • Personal hand-held copiers and scanners are not permitted.