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The RIT Battery Development Center (RIT BDC) is a state-of-the-art research and rapid prototyping facility focused on the development and qualification of emerging energy storage technologies through a partnership between NY-Battery Energy and Storage Technologies (NY-BEST) and the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

RIT BDC works closely with university and industry partners to expedite the scale up of new chemistries and materials for increasing power density, energy density, cycle life, and safety. RIT BDC assists in the processing of battery slurries, electrode preparation, and the fabrication of commercial quality pouch and cylindrical cells.

RIT BDC aims to become nationally recognized for the manufacturing of high quality prototype batteries, cutting edge research in next generation battery technologies, and minimizing life-cycle impacts of the battery manufacturing process.

RIT BDC is made possible by financial support from NYSERDA and Empire State Development along with sponsorship from the many equipment partners listed below.

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BDC is uniquely positioned at RIT to provide prototyping services to multiple entities from both government and industry while maintaining confidentiality for every single project.


Matthew Ganter
Matthew Ganter
Assistant Research Professor


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