Electrode Development

Slurry mixing, coating, and calendaring are all performed in the dry room environment.

  • Small volume up to multiple liter slurry mixing
  • Flacktek DAC100 – 100g planetary centrifugal bladeless mixer 
  • Primix 1L and 2L planetary mixer 
  • Filmix high speed thin-film mixer 
  • Buhler laboratory bead mill can wet mill materials to the nano-scale
  • Slot-die or knife over roll coating up to 330 mm web width
  • 1L displacement tube slurry dispensing 
  • Edge alignment guide for accurate double sided-coating and rewind
  • Forced-air floatation oven for drying
  • Integrated slitting unit with two differential rewinds to slit cylindrical cell electrodes and custom widths

Planetary and Filmix Mixers

Roll to Roll Calender

Roll to Roll Coater and Slitter

Roll to Roll Slitter

Slot Die Coating Machine

Closeup of Slot Die Coating Machine