System Function Testing

Residential and commercial/industrial energy storage systems (ESS) are becoming increasingly popular, and many new suppliers are entering the market.

BDC’s energy storage system evaluation program provides manufacturers, integrators, and developers with an independent validation of the quality and performance of integrated ESS system and confidence in its marketability and bankability.

The system test program evaluates the function and performance of the integrated storage system, typically consisting of the battery, BMS, inverter, and control systems. By placing the ESS inside a climate chamber and using sophisticated simulation equipment and power analyzers, it is possible to test the function and efficiency of the system for all possible operating conditions (such as solar peak-shifting, time-of-use optimization, back-up/islanding, self-consumption, etc.) and explore the system’s resilience to extreme conditions, such as over-and under-temperature, communication failures, grid fluctuations, ground faults, etc. The tests include round trip efficiency measurements on both the AC and DC side at different temperatures and evaluation of SOC reporting.

Optionally, accelerated stress tests such as temperature cycling, humidity freeze, or damp heat can be added to evaluate system robustness.