Jacqueline Casey

“Jacqueline Casey (1927-1992) trained at Massachusetts College of Art before working as a fashion illustrator and advertising, editorial, and interior designer. In 1955 she joined the Office of Publications (Design Services Office) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) working with Muriel Cooper who was then design director . . . 

“Casey’s work acknowledges the influence of the Grid established by the post-war graphic design masters in Switzerland. As Director of Design Services many of her posters have been created to publicize exhibitions organized by the MIT Committee on the Visual Arts. She often uses strong elemental imagery, maniupulated by letterforms. Exhibitions of her work have been held at MIT, at the Chelsea School of Art, London (1978) and the London College of Printing. (1980).”* A collection of 99 posters designed by Jacqueline S. Casey for events and activities at MIT from 1963 to 1990 was donated to RIT in 1992 by the MIT Museum at the request of Ms. Casey.

*Livingston, Alan and Isabella. The Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Graphic Design and Designers. London: Thames and Hudson, 2003.
Posters: Jacqueline S. Casey, Thirty Years of Design at MIT. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Museum, 1992.

Completed Works