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2022 Program Dates:

Spring Forward Portion: March 14 - April 22

Summer Program Starts: May 29

Last Day of the Summer Program: July 30

Program at a Glance

We expect to be able to be able to offer our REU program for this upcoming year (summer 2022) in person.  If Covid restrictions make it necessary, though, we will do it online as we have for the past two years.  Don't worry, student still had a fantactic experience!

The application deadline is February 15th, 2022.

Spring Forward Into Research
During this time you will meet your project mentor using video chat and email to establish a research question of mutual interest, begin background research on your project, and take part in research ethics training. Time commitment is about 30 hours total during the spring semester preceding the summer on-site experience. This session will run March 14th to April 22nd.

Summer On-site Program 
The summer program will run for nine weeks. A $6,000 stipend will be provided for the entire research experience, including both Spring Forward and Summer sessions. If the program runs in-person on the RIT campus, the nine weeks of housing at RIT’s Global Village will be provided at no additional cost to participants. Some funds are also available for travel to Rochester. All participants must provide proof of COVID vaccination before arrival.

In addition to working on a mentored-research project, our program also includes:

Throughout the summer you will participate in a weekly STEM education research methods workshop to learn about and practice the quantitative and qualitative methods used in STEM Education Research. You will also take part in a weekly Professional Development workshop focusing on areas such as the graduate school application process, STEM career pathways, scientific communication, and networking skills.
Cohort-building Activities

In addition to the structured workshops and ongoing research, you will have the chance to participate in a number of social activities and a weekly students-only session with the STEM Education Research REU cohort.  If the program can be run in-person you will also have the chance to meet and interact with many other on-campus students during the summer.

Participation in a Research Symposium
At the end of the summer you will take part in our annual Research Symposium.  Students will present their work in a professional and engaging format.

The REU is hosted by the Science and Mathematics Education Research Collaborative at RIT. Questions? Contact us at

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