Areté water modeling

Principal Investigator(s)

Scott Brown

Research Team Members

Adam Goodenough

Project Description

An in-house approach to a water-wave spectrum based surface synthesis and in-water radiative transfer had been demonstrated previously using the DIRSIG 4 framework. New work under this task adapted new user interfaces to manipulate the air-water interface using external tools. This included both geometric considerations (i.e. a geometric description of the height field and localized slopes) and material descriptions (unresolved components of the wind-roughened surface as well as localized material differentiation, such as surface foam). Definition of a (dynamic) surface was migrated to a specialized HDF interface for ease of use.

Project Status:

The water model’s radiative transfer has been verified via third-party code and the dynamic evolution of the surface has been matched to driving code.

Figures and Images

A square pool of water with steps of varying depths, inside of a field of gray

Shallow caustics (wave focusing) and deeper attenuation in a model of surface-leaving returns from a simple pool with a geometrically defined air-water interface

A partially submerged submarine.

Partially submerged submarine using an externally defined air-water interface