Novel intelligent video analytics to improve CCTV systems

Principal Investigator(s)

Anthony Vodacek

Project Description

The Fulbright Specialist Program is a grant to a U.S. domain expert to participate in a project proposed by the host country. Professor Vodacek was selected for a project in Malaysia proposed by Prof. Tee Yee Kai of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). The project concerns extraction of sound from high speed video in a process pioneered at MIT.

Project Status:

Professor Vodacek visited UTAR near Kuala Lumpur for two weeks in May/ June 2019. He gave several seminars to undergraduates and staff of the university on the topic of acoustic sensing of biodiversity. Prof. Vodacek also had technical discussions with Professor Tee and his graduate students on hardware and software methods for improving the recovery of sound from video in the context of public safety. Professor Vodacek met with various professors and administrators to discuss opportunities for international research experiences for RIT students of mutual benefit.

Figures and Images

Professor Vodacek and Professor Ling Lloyd posing for a photo with the several students in a classroom.

Professor Vodacek and Professor Ling Lloyd with his water resources class after a seminar by Professor Vodacek.

Professor Tee and Professor Vodacek posing for a photo with officials from a Malaysian government agency.

Professor Tee (far left) and Professor Vodacek met with officials from the Malaysian government agency that provided the majority of the funding for the project to give them an overview of the project activities.