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Multicultural Center for Academic Success

  • Multicultural Center for Academic Success
  • Multicultural Center for Academic Success
  • Multicultural Center for Academic Success

Today, The Multicultural Center for Academic Success (MCAS) is committed to maximizing the academic potential and holistic development of students by creating an inclusive, student-centered environment. By keeping academics first and foremost, MCAS strives to become a nationally recognized model for academic excellence and student success.

There are numerous ways for any student to participate and engage with MCAS including personal advising, leadership development opportunities, cultural diversity education, and cultural programming. Specifically, students can participate in the:

  1. MCAS Scholars Program 
    A highly selective program uniquely designed for first year students to enhance the RIT experience through developing intellectual and ethical leadership skills, fostering a passion for educational excellence, and a commitment to the learning process throughout their time at RIT.
  2. Destler/Johnson Rochester City Scholars Program 
    A program designed for high achieving Rochester City students, who are selected based on their academic achievements, leadership potential, and desire to make a difference in the RIT and surrounding community.
  3. NACME Scholars Program
    A program designed to provide AALANA STEM majors with financial assistance, academic coaching, and exposure to STEM education and careers.
  4. MCAS Summer Bridge Program 
    An intensive four-week summer program that consists of 2- four credit hour courses, developmental workshops, academic coaching, exposure to research, and community service programs.
  5. MCAS Affiliate Program
    A program designed for all students falling outside any of the Scholars’ programs, but desire to participate in a high touch intentional advising and leadership development program.



James Macchiano

James Macchiano
Director for MCAS
SAU 2308