Bridges: RIT’s Certificate Program regarding Diversity and Inclusive Competencies

Bridges is a competency-based training program, designed to help impart knowledge, awareness, and skills regarding diversity, and that also enhance inclusive behavior for the faculty, staff, teaching assistants, and graduate assistants of the RIT community.

The program offers four certificates that are designed to enhance work-related skills at the university. The four certificates are:

Certificate #1: Group Communications: Inclusive Approaches

Certificate #2: Group Dynamics and Diversity

Certificate #3: Ally Development

Certificate #4: Sustainability and Social Change

Certificate #5:  Unconscious Bias

Each certificate requires completion of two introductory core programs, and also the three basic programs which comprise each content area.  Both introductory core programs and all three components of programs must be completed to receive one of the certificates. 

Each class is supported by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and facilitated by Mike D’Arcangelo, Director of Diversity Education, along with other faculty and staff from within the university.

The classes are based on a variety of information and assessments that have been designed to reflect the interests, professional growth, and challenges of the RIT community. 

Each class contributes to the development of a conceptual base and skill that fosters common language and culture for all members of the university. 

Learning outcomes are based on upon the concepts in The Framework for Inclusive Excellence and the “Intercultural Competence Value Rubric” model created by the American Association of College and Universities.