Leadership Development

We provide development opportunities, resources and tools to support the unique learning needs of those managing others.

New & Emerging Manager Essentials

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Contemplating a Career in Management?

Check-out Is Managing for Me?, a self-discovery program designed to assist you in considering a career in management. The lessons may be conveniently taken at your own pace. A variety of resources such as online courses, articles and exercises provide content, while “key questions” prompt thoughtful reflection. Whether you make a decision now or in the future, these five lessons are a great way to learn about leading others while also learning more about yourself.

Becoming a New Manager

A key characteristic of effective new managers or those exploring a management career path is the desire to continuously learn. With this in mind, we recommend the Essentials for Emerging Managers Certificate, a program that new managers or any employee with an interest in managing others may complete. It consists of four required online courses and the creation of an Individual Development Plan. The courses introduce concepts for new managers, as well as how to manage performance, give and receive feedback, and coach and develop employees. Upon completion of the requirements (within one year), participants are expected to setup a development conversation with their manager. Employees may list this designation on their resume. There are no prerequisites for this certificate.

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Manager Foundations

We offer foundational learning to support the effective day-to-day management and engagement of individuals, work groups and teams.

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The Manager Foundations Certificate is designed for managers with at least one regular employee direct report who are newly hired or are new-to-managing, and provides important university information needed to execute managerial responsibilities at RIT. The certificate is comprised of multiple courses, some of which are delivered virtually, while others are delivered in-person. The courses will cover a wide variety of topics offered by Human Resources, Legal Affairs, Controller’s Office, Diversity & Inclusion, and Institute Audit, Compliance & Advisement. Though designed for new or newly hired managers, all managers with at least one regular employee direct report are encouraged to complete this certificate.

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Development Resources

We inspire and nurture leaders to reach their full potential. Our offerings are intended to expand comfort zones and create awareness for effectively leading oneself, other people and the institution.

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These development recommendations support the mindset, skillset and behaviors needed to lead in today's uncertain, ever changing and complex environment. The learning options include opportunities to explore and understand one's own thinking, motivations, values, and purpose as a means through which to lead oneself; others and the institution at-large.

Learning Opportunities

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