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International Sponsors

The Student Financial Services will process third party billing of tuition, fees and other charges to businesses, governments, agencies, organizations and employers desiring to sponsor a student at Rochester Institute of Technology.

The billing is processed on a per term basis. A letter or contract must be presented to RIT outlining the sponsor’s guarantee to pay. This authorization must not be contingent upon the student receiving a specific grade or upon a financial need status.

It is the policy of the University to protect our student’s right to confidentiality under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Sponsors must obtain information regarding grades, transcripts, course listings or other specific information directly from the student.

Common Questions:

What is a sponsored student?
Sponsored students are those students that are registered and require Rochester Institute of Technology to bill an outside sponsor for their tuition, fees (tuition, technology fee, course fees, room/meal plan charges, and/or health insurance, etc.) while they attend the University. A letter of authorization is required from the sponsoring agency expressly authorizing Rochester Institute of Technology to bill the sponsor directly for the student's expenses. A third party credit is then applied to the student account each term for the covered expenses, which is then conditional upon the sponsor's payment.
What are the sponsored student's responsibilities?
It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that RIT is provided with a valid authorization letter (contract) from their sponsor, prior to the due date on the student account to avoid late payment fees and financial holds.
A sponsored student must monitor their student account status regularly. If the sponsor does not cover the total charges, it is the student’s responsibility to pay the balance owed.
Non-payment by the sponsor, for whatever reason, becomes an immediate liability to and the responsibility of the student.
It is the student’s responsibility to know the duration of the sponsorship as listed in the authorization letter. RIT will not notify a student when the sponsorship has expired.
Additional information required by the sponsor, including grades, transcripts, course(s) and other miscellaneous information, must be supplied by the student.
If questions arise concerning conditions of the sponsorship, the student should contact the sponsor, not RIT.
What are the sponsor's responsibilities?
Provide a letter or contract to RIT prior to the term start date with the following information:
•Student’s name and University ID number
•Description of covered charges, which may include tuition, mandatory fee, room/meal plan charges, student legal services fee, and/or health insurance fees
•Any dollar limitations on the covered charges
•If the student's scholarship or grant awards should be deducted before invoicing
•Length of sponsorship – beginning and ending dates of period, specific term(s) and/or academic year(s), other
•Sponsor’s billing address
•Sponsor contact person information including name, telephone number, fax number and email address
Sponsor should only make payment from the University invoice, not the student’s bill.
What are RIT’s responsibilities for sponsored students?
The Student Financial Services Office will review authorization letters (contracts) upon receipt and will certify eligible students. When presented prior to deadlines, this process will apply a third party credit for the covered expenses and avoid student account late payment fees.
The Student Financial Services Office will invoice the sponsor for the authorized charges. The invoice will state the student’s name and the total allowable charges.
Any refund resulting from an adjustment to the student’s account after sponsor payment will be returned to the sponsor.
The Student Financial Services Office will charge back to the student’s account any charges resulting from non-payment of sponsored charges by the sponsor.
What is a Letter of Authorization?
It is a document in which a sponsor commits to pay designated educational expenses for the student. The letter from the sponsor specifies what they will pay, the period of coverage and billing information. Sponsors usually send the letter directly to RIT, but some sponsors send the letter to the student.
If the letter is sent directly to you, complete any required information and submit it to the Student Financial Services Office before the due date to avoid late fees. We will then apply a conditional third party credit on your student account for the covered expenses as long as we receive it by the due date. Again, be aware that the balance owed is subject to late fees while it is outstanding.
When do I send the Letter of Authorization?
The sooner the letter is received the better, since early notification prevents late fees from accruing. It also allows students better information about what they personally will be expected to pay and eliminates unnecessary follow-up by students.
Where do I send the Letter of Authorization?
By Mail:
Student Financial Services
Rochester Institute of Technology
25 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623-5603
By Fax: (585) 475-5307
By Email:
Which educational expenses will RIT bill my sponsor for?
RIT will bill a sponsor for tuition, mandatory fee, room/meal plan charges, and/or health insurance, etc., as long as the fees are covered as specified in the authorization. Payments for other expenses should be coordinated between the student and their sponsor.
Who Can I Contact with a Sponsored Student Question?
Additional questions concerning authorization letters and sponsor billings should be directed to the Student Financial Services Office as follows:
Rochester Institute of Technology
Student Financial Services Office
University Services Center, Bldg 87, 1st Floor
Rochester, NY 14623-5603
Telephone: (585) 475-6186
Fax: (585) 475-5307
I’m Sponsored. Why Do I Have a Late Payment Fee?
Sponsored students who do not submit their sponsor authorization letter prior to the term billing or do not pay their portion of the bill when due, may be responsible for any late payment fees assessed to their student account.
What Are RIT’s Billing Guidelines for Sponsored Students?
The Student Financial Services Office will invoice sponsors during the term after the drop and add period has passed. Invoices are sent to the contact person at the address provided in the authorization letter. Invoices are due upon receipt.
Why do I still have a balance after my sponsor paid?
The Student Financial Services Office will invoice your sponsor based on your letter of authorization. Payment for any charges assessed to your student account that are not covered by your letter of authorization is due by the due date on your billing statement.