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RIT recognized for outstanding achievements in shaping the future of global manufacturing

The team developed an early-warning software tool to warn manufacturers of delays in customer shipments caused by emergencies, weather, or other natural disasters.

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What We Do

3D Oven Model

Model-Based Engineering

COE-ASM has the tools and expertise to understand and evaluate a design so you know how it will perform before it ever goes into production. Computer simulations of product use, manufacturing processes, and even end-of-life scenarios shed light on how designs and parameters affect success—allowing companies to make the right engineering choices without paying for mistakes.

Tools: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), process simulation

Applications: Design of more robust products

Product being scanned into digital format

Design & Performance Validation

We help manufacturers understand how product design features and process parameters affect the outcomes and impacts of manufacturing. From concepts and prototypes to established manufacturing processes, our ever-advancing repertoire of testbeds and expertise can provide critical insight into scale-up, commercialization, and deployment performance—helping verify target achievement, measure against competitors, and optimize parameters.

Tools: Life Cycle Assessment, accelerated lifecycle testing, failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)

Digital Manufacturing & Data Analytics

Digital technologies offer unprecedented levels of control, feedback, and automation, helping optimize manufacturing process performance. In turn, data from these technologies can reveal insights that help manufacturers improve product quality, maximize operational efficiency, and reduce costs. COE-ASM works closely with manufacturers to develop tailored digital technology solutions, existing system integration strategies, and data analysis methodologies. If you are thinking about adopting digital technologies into your manufacturing process, our team of experienced engineers can help. Visit the Industry 4.0 Transition Assistance Program to learn more.


Tools: Cyber-physical systems, mobile & wearable technology, artificial intelligence & machine learning

Applications: Digital manufacturing work instructions

Sensing, Monitoring, & Internet of Things

Information is the key to success. COE-ASM helps manufacturers capture valuable information and turn it into benefits on the triple bottom-line. We develop and integrate advanced machine-level sensors that relay data on process performance, product quality, and equipment health. And we create networking solutions that connect machines in an Internet of Things, providing system-wide monitoring that helps manufacturers make decisions to improve throughput, minimize downtime, and reduce costs. To learn more about these offerings, visit our Industry 4.0 Transition Assistance Program.

Tools: Wireless power monitoring, sense & respond logistics, condition-based & predictive maintenance

Applications: Manufacturing peak load assessment, fleet logistics, heavy-duty vehicle maintenance

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Life Cycle Engineering

Today’s markets demand that manufacturers increasingly consider the full product lifecycle as a central business strategy; as a result, factors like manufacturability, reliability, and durability are becoming ever more important. COE-ASM helps companies address these issues by providing design support and life cycle performance evaluations that make products easier to produce, simpler to disassemble, more valuable to remanufacture, and cleaner to recycle. The benefits help strengthen the triple bottom line.

Tools: Design-for-X, material assessment and substitution, accelerated lifecycle testing

Applications: Corrosion-resistant coatings, sustainable materials

metal turn table

Remanufacturing & Material Reuse

Remanufacturing and reuse preserve the embodied value of the materials, labor, energy, and manufacturing processes that go in to making a product and its constituent elements. Technologies and market opportunities in this area face many technical and economic challenges, but as a key enabler of the circular economy, show significant potential for growth. COE-ASM helps companies solve problems in technologies and business models, promoting the competitiveness of remanufacturing in industry.

Tools: Design for Remanufacturing, reman life cycle assessment, additive manufacturing

Applications: Heavy-duty vehicle components, surface restoration, printing and imaging products, office furniture, post-consumer plastics

Rochester Colonial Windows

New Technology Commercialization

In all of these areas, the potential for technology innovation is immense. Whether companies have a product prototype or a concept for a new manufacturing process, COE-ASM stands ready to help innovators strengthen the technical and business case for development and navigate the commercialization process. Our goal is to advance the state of new and emerging technologies by accelerating market readiness and facilitating broad adoption.


  • Study Readies Retrofit Light Switch for Market Development

    Effortless Advantage

    What we ended up doing is creating a better, more market ready design.

    View Case Study
  • Fuel Cell Component Evaluation and Testing

    American Fuel Cell

    We have established an excellent relationship with RIT-COESM to further the research, development, test, and manufacture of fuel cell membrane electrode assemblies. We expect to jointly seek funding for advanced catalyst formulations.

    View Case Study
  • 3D Laser Scanner Makes Replication of Hand-carved Woodwork Possible

    Woerner Industries, Inc.

    The people at RIT walked us through the process of using new technology to accurately and efficiently replicate hand-carved woodwork using existing equipment. With this new capability, Woerner is positioned to expand our product offerings and be more competitive.

    View Case Study
  • Testing & Analysis of New FoldUp™ Window Design

    Rochester Colonial

    The model that RIT built gives us the confidence to know that what we’re building is 100% safe. COE-SM people were a pleasure to work with and pragmatic in their approach. We now are more confident to transition the product to mass production.

    View Case Study
  • Manufacturing Plant Assessment Identifies Over $2 Million in Annual Savings

    The Gunlocke Company

    We received a unique, timely and targeted assessment of our operations that will ultimately improve our sustainability and financial bottomline.

    View Case Study
  • Life Cycle Assessment Verifies Competitive Advantage of Remanufacturing Business Model

    Davies Office, Inc.

    COE-ASM was able to quantify the environmental impacts of our remanufactured workspaces versus OEM workspaces. We now feel confident informing our clients on the positive effects remanufacturing has on the environment.

    View Case Study
  • Thermal Analysis Modeling, Testing & Validation of Prototype Lead to New Product Orders

    Council Rock

    We turned to the Center to assist us with this new product, and I can say we are very pleased with the results. Working with COE-ASM proved to be a good business move, and as a result we have secured a pilot order that we believe will lead to thousands of additional sales of our product.

    View Case Study
  • Inspection Equipment Survey Provides an Implementation Pathway

    G.W. LISK

    COE-ASM came in with several different ideas to address our difficult inspection challenges; I don’t think they could have done a better job.

    View Case Study


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