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For most manufacturers, robotics can seem like an expensive, high-risk investment. But a new partnership between RIT and Schlumberger promises to change that.

Growing a startup takes dedication, creativity, and innovation. Entrepreneurs often have extensive background in their niche or plenty of ideas for solving problems, but lack the technical or engineering expertise to ensure manufacturability.

Purchasing brand new machinery and cutting-edge technology can be tempting. After all, if the future is all about data, you’re probably ready to start collecting as much of it as possible using the best tools you can find. But here’s the thing: You could harvest a hundred billion data points and find that only a few hundred of those are actually useful to your business becoming more productive.

"If being 'cool' can be equated with 'cutting edge,' then Rochester Institute of Technology's Golisano Institute for Sustainability is the epitome of coolness."

The institute—a world class “living lab” at 190 Lomb Memorial Drive on the Rochester Institute of Technology’s campus—represents the school’s commitment to sustainability, and to solving real-world manufacturing problems. Read more on the Rochester Business Journal feature on us as one of Rochester's coolest spaces!

In a new era of industrial revolution, intelligence is key. Knowing how product design can affect manufacturability or how production processes can affect finished quality helps manufacturers make critical decisions in support of fundamental business goals.

COE-ASM attended the 2019 Industry Week Manufacturing &Technology show in Pittsburgh, PA in early April to get a pulse of the industry trends in digital manufacturing transformation.

Automation. Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. These sound more like sci-fi than actual business tools, right? If you’re like many small-to-medium-sized businesses, you might be taking your first steps into the Digital Age.

The latest metalcutting machines exhibited at the 2018 IMTS demonstrate cutting edge features including efficiency, automation, digitization and connectivity.  Learn more about how industry leaders in aerospace, energy, transportation and industrial markets are using these innovations.

Several groundbreaking 3D plastic and metal printing systems were unveiled at IMTS 2018. The systems, which focused on reducing build time, cost and design limitations, also emphasized high material strength and increased automation.

Companies are increasingly adopting additive processes within conventional machining systems supported by rapid technology advances on display at IMTS 2018.

According to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, scrap recovery and recycling added $106 billion to the U.S. economy in 2015 while significantly reducing energy demand.

In a recent survey of over 150 New York City manufacturers, the New York City Industrial and Technology Assistance Corporation (ITAC) found that while the majority of respondents understand that digital technologies are key to the future of business, few actually fully use them—or feel prepared to do so. But that’s not to say they aren’t ready.