Industry 4.0 Solutions

RIT's Industry 4.0 Transition Assistance Program is designed to prepare SMEs in New York State for the fourth industrial revolution. Our experienced engineers help companies translate Industry 4.0 opportunities into tangible bottom-line improvements.

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We're committed to connecting today's manufacturers with tomorrow's innovations. Never miss out on the latest manufacturing updates, funding opportunities, technology innovations and optimization news.

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Inside Look: Advanced & Sustainable Manufacturing

Whether you're new to smart manufacturing, well-versed or somewhere inbetween, take a deeper dive into the present--and future--technologies shaping the manufacturing industry. 

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Case Studies

We have partnered with more than 1,100 businesses to maximize their productivity while minimizing wasted resources and energy. Read more about our work with established manufacturers to achieve breakthroughs in what they make and how they work.

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A closer look at our Industry 4.0 collaborations along with an inside view of our Digital Manufacturing & Product Realization Lab and its capabilities. We collaborate with manufacturers to develop tailored digital technology solutions, existing system integration strategies, and data analysis methodologies.

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