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Color Measurement Laboratory

The PAL Color Measurement Laboratory performs Color Measurement, Psychometric Scaling, and Systems Testing through the application of a wide range of spectro-photomers, a spectro-radiometer, and glossmeters, all housed in a 480-square-foot space that is temperature and humidity controlled with ISO 3664:2009 lighting. The interior walls of the laboratory are painted neutral matte gray with a perfect reflectance value of ~43%.

The Senior Color & Imaging Scientist of the Color Measurement Lab is Jeffrey Wang. He has many years of specialized experience in the following fields of study: developing and specifying image and print quality requirements for digital printing devices; conducting system-level tests for digital printing devices (both hardware and software); designing and conducting psychophysic experiments to investigate image quality and print quality; conducting M1 workflow and Printing Standards Audits (PSA); and performing color measurements on reflective and self-illuminating materials and data analysis.

Assisting in the lab is Margaret Hyman, Sr. Lab Technician, who specializes in implementing and streamlining complicated image quality and print quality measurement procedures. She has 12+ years of experience in image quality and print quality measurement and data analysis, and10+ years of experience in environmental testing, including ozone, UV, cool white, and aging.

The Lab also contains two 52” x 30” viewing booths equipped with ceiling-mounted ISO 3664:2009 lights. These lights are suitable for conducting print comparison, print evaluation and psychometric experiments.

The Color Measurement Lab works closely with industry partners and graphic arts professional organizations such as IdeAlliance through its G7 Certification Programs. Among the services the Lab offers are:

  • Color and gloss measurements service and advice to industry, including printing, automobile paint, textile, furniture, ceramics, etc., 
  • Color measuring instruments performance evaluation for OEMs

Developing color and gloss specifications on printed images for digital press OEMs and substrate manufacturers. Includes developing:

  • Color and surface property specifications for manufacturers of automobile paint, textile, furniture, ceramics, etc.,
  • Color specifications for paints for outdoor use based on accelerated weathering tests.

Correlating physical measurements to human (visual) perception utilizing the principles of psychophysics, including:

  • Using Psychometric Scaling to answer some of the fundamental questions of the printing industry. (Note: ISO19799, Gloss Uniformity is based on psychophysics.)
  • Determining the maximum acceptable color variation (ΔE00) within a print job. (Note: RIT’s diverse student, faculty, and stuff population is a perfect environment to conduct this type of study.)

System Engineering support to Digital Press OEMs, including:

  • Developing image/print quality specifications
  • Developing printing system performance specifications
  • Designing and conducting Reliability Growth test & data collection and performing data analysis
  • Designing and conducting System Robustness test & data collection and performing data analysis
  • Performance evaluation support to digital press users
  • Printing technologies benchmarking
  • Printing presses benchmark  
  • Digital press performance monitoring & reporting