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Color Measurement Laboratory

The PAL Color Measurement Laboratory performs Color Measurement, Psychometric Scaling, and Systems Testing through the application of a wide range of spectro-photomers, a spectro-radiometer, and glossmeters, all housed in a 480-square-foot space that is temperature and humidity controlled with ISO 3664:2009 lighting. The interior walls of the laboratory are painted neutral matte gray with a perfect reflectance value of ~43%.

The Color Measurement Lab works closely with industry partners and graphic arts professional organizations such as IdeAlliance through its G7 Certification Programs. Among the services the Lab offers are:

  • Color and gloss measurements service and advice to industry, including printing, automobile paint, textile, furniture, ceramics, etc., 
  • Color measuring instruments performance evaluation for OEMs

Developing color and gloss specifications on printed images for digital press OEMs and substrate manufacturers. Includes developing:

  • Color and surface property specifications for manufacturers of automobile paint, textile, furniture, ceramics, etc.,
  • Color specifications for paints for outdoor use based on accelerated weathering tests.

Correlating physical measurements to human (visual) perception utilizing the principles of psychophysics, including:

  • Using Psychometric Scaling to answer some of the fundamental questions of the printing industry. (Note: ISO19799, Gloss Uniformity is based on psychophysics.)
  • Determining the maximum acceptable color variation (ΔE00) within a print job. (Note: RIT’s diverse student, faculty, and stuff population is a perfect environment to conduct this type of study.)

System Engineering support to Digital Press OEMs, including:

  • Developing image/print quality specifications
  • Developing printing system performance specifications
  • Designing and conducting Reliability Growth test & data collection and performing data analysis
  • Designing and conducting System Robustness test & data collection and performing data analysis
  • Performance evaluation support to digital press users
  • Printing technologies benchmarking
  • Printing presses benchmark  
  • Digital press performance monitoring & reporting