Idealliance Collaboration

We are a member of the Idealliance Collaboration, an industry association that creates training and certification programs, professional standards and specification, and supply-chain workflows for the printing and packaging industry.

Our staff are specially trained to provide measurement services in support of 11 Idealliance Collaboration industry programs.

Idealliance G7 Master Qualified Facility logos for Grayscale, Targeted, and Colorspace.

G7® Master Facility Qualification

Achieving this status indicates that the facility has calibrated certain equipment and systems to G7 gray balance and neutral tone curves and is capable of delivering G7 proofs and print products. While many G7 Masters are printing companies, other graphic solutions providers such as creative and pre-media providers may also be qualified as G7 Masters.

Idealliance G7 Certified System badge.

G7 System Certification

This program evaluates the ability of a software system to calibrate a printing device to meet the G7 grayscale definition using four 1-D Curves.

Idealliance Digital Press EP Certified System badge.Idealliance Digial Press Inkjet Certified System badge.

Digital Press Certification – Electrophotographic

Digital Press Certification – Inkjet / LEP – High Speed, Cut Sheet & Web

These programs certify the capabilities of commercial production electrophotographic and inkjet devices to meet specific print standards. They consist of testing and certification in areas of color, print properties, and print production. They consider the entire press system, including the digital front-end, print engine, and paper.

Digital Press - ISO 15339

This ISO (International Organization for Standardization) program certifies the capabilities of commercial digital presses to meet the color-space requirements specified by the Characterized Reference Print Conditions (CRPCs) of ISO/PAS 15339. The program is an expanded compliance program to the Idealliance Digital Press Certification for digital-printing-press manufacturers and evaluates colorimetric accuracy and conformance referencing global specifications for electrophotographic, production inkjet and high-speed liquid electrophotographic printing (LEP), cut-sheet, and web devices.

MicroSoft Color Reproduction

This program was custom-designed for MicroSoft Corporation and is based on ISO 20654.

G7 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Master Calibration System Certification

This program is designed for digital-printing-press manufacturers to provide a totally automated G7-calibration solution for the printing industry. The recent advancements in AI, in-line color measurement devices, and cloud-based technology streamlines the implementation of the G7-calibration condition as an integral part of digital presses with full automation and without human intervention. 

BrandQ® Supply Chain Facility Certification

This certification assesses process capability, performance, and control; color management; implementation of ISO standards; proof and press alignment; spot-color rendering; pre-media capabilities; and G7 calibration. It results in detailed reports and analysis. In addition to enabling brand communication, a BrandQ® certification provides a comprehensive evaluation of the suppliers and how they are meeting brand expectations and needs.

Idealliance Soft Proof System Certified System badge.

Soft-Proofing and Display System Certification 

A soft-proofing system consists of a display, software, measurement equipment, and a host computer. The computer adjusts incoming data so that a displayed image simulates the appearance of a hard-copy proof calibrated to a chosen reference print characterization and viewed under standard lighting. Soft-proofing systems are evaluated based on requirements specified in ISO 14861. A display is a liquid-crystal-display (LCD), flat-panel device with fluorescent or backlit by light-emitting diodes (LEDs), a screen resolution of 90 pixels per inch or more, a screen size capable of previewing intended content at full scale, and a gamut that encases the intended reference print condition. Displays are evaluated based on requirements specified in ISO 12646.

G7® Process Control Master Facility Certification

This certification includes thorough analysis and alignment of the entire print supply chain within a facility as well as their print supply chain partners. It is conducted by a G7 process control expert and evaluated quarterly by an independent, third-party analysis laboratory.

Wide/Grand Format Inkjet System Certification

The Wide/Grand Format Inkjet System Certification Program evaluates original equipment manufacturers’ (OEMs) roll-fed and flatbed large-format printing systems. Systems are evaluated for printing, production, and application qualities for a specific ink and media combination. Results of the program give prospective and current users of large-format technologies information about which system best meets their production and market needs. Resulting data may also guide wider efforts for achieving consistent print quality.