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Custom Training At RIT

Build a training program around your needs. The team at PAL will work with you to build a custom training program for your employees or customers with the right combination of classroom and hands-on instruction. We have built programs for media manufactures, industry vendors, and major print corporations with diverse content from digital and conventional print technologies to color science and printing management. You can even schedule and host your next corperate meeting at RIT in conjunction with a training program. 

In addition to its ongoing scheduled public seminars, RIT provides customized training programs that are tailored to the specific needs of individual organizations. Our experienced training specialist will work closely with your organization to match your training requirements with the most effective combination of RIT’s resources. RIT’s customized training can be delivered at the RIT campus — or we can deliver the program on site at your organization.

Choose from Flexible Options

  • We can present one of our seminars exclusively for your employees. In many cases — such as when more than a few employees need training — this is the most cost-effective approach. Depending on the program content and your own preferences, the training can be delivered either at RIT or on site at your company.
  • We can develop a one-of-a-kind training program specifically for your organization. RIT’s training manager and subject matter experts will work with your organization to identify its training needs, set training objectives and build a customized program to help your organization move ahead. Again, the training can be delivered at the location of your choice.

On Site or On Campus?

Our custom programs can be delivered at almost any location or at the RIT campus.

By bringing the training directly to you, employee travel costs are eliminated and there is often less disruption of work schedules. If employees need to learn to use specific pieces of equipment in your company, the training may be most effective in their own work setting. RIT has delivered on-site training at companies everywhere from Boston to Hawaii and from Belgium to Barbados, and we can successfully tailor a program to your facility, wherever it is.

In other cases, you may need access to RIT’s state-of-the-art digital printing equipment, laboratories and facilities to accomplish your training goals. When relevant, visiting local businesses can be part of the learning experience.

Please contact the Printing Applications Lab at for more information about RIT custom and on-site training.