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Ink Mixing Services

In conjunction with its industry partners, PAL offers PANTONE and custom color formulation, production, and support services for non-traditional printing systems, such as digital electrophotographic commercial printing engines with liquid ink. PAL’s experienced staff accept orders from customers through manufacturer’s ordering systems and produce and ship ink directly to the customer on behalf of the manufacturer.

Formulation is the first step in the process, and involves reproducing as many of the purchasing customer’s operational conditions as possible. Color formulations are performed on machines similar to the customers own models, matching to the correct PANTONE library on the applicable paper type. Once a baseline formulation is installed and calibrated in the press, an iterative series of corrections is made and controlled though spectrographic analysis of the color match quality, aiming for an accurate and operationally sustainable match to the target PANTONE color.

The Printing Applications Lab (PAL) also supports the development of custom color matches in which intended stock, target color, and measurement conditions can all be defined by the customer for accurate results beyond specification of the pantone library. This allows for additional options with color space development, historical reproductions, corporate branded colors, and highly specialized use in other applications.

Once a match condition has been made that formulation is saved and can be used in production for any order placed with those defined match conditions. Production of ink is a tightly controlled manual injection process designed to limit within batch, and batch-to-batch variation in the color. Production information is controlled within a Management Information System, custom-developed and maintained by the PAL staff. PAL utilizes its experienced and diverse staff resources to facilitate a scalable workforce capable of handling large scale production batches.

PAL also offers phone, email, and educational support for the inks produced within its facility, and strives to assure each customer’s satisfaction within the limits of the systems that it supports. If you need help or have questions related to PAL’s Ink Mixing Services (IMS) facilities please contact the Printing Applications Lab at

For more information on PAL’s IMS services for HP Indigo presses and customers, see our HP IMS services page/