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Overprint Varnish Performance Program

RIT’s HP Indigo Overprint Varnish Performance Program enables manufacturers, suppliers and HP Indigo digital press owners to have both waterbase and UV coatings evaluated with HP Indigo digital certified media. The OPV Performance procedure incorporates several tests in accordance with the stated protective uses for the coatings.

As an initial screen test, the OPV will be applied to a certified printed media. The OPV will be evaluated for adhesion to the HP Indigo ink and visible orange peeling or mottling. After passing the initial screen test, the coating will be applied to specific test targets for evaluation of chemical and physical properties.

Once completed, a comprehensive report is then generated for each OPV/substrate combination and given to the supplier.

Evaluation Description

The OPV procedure evaluates coatings through the following tests:

  • Peeling Tests
  • Full Baseline Test
    • Mechanical Wear
    • Optical Tests
  • Heat Resistance and Aging Tests (Optional)
  • UV Light Resistance Performance (Optional)

Evaluation Fee

  • Full Baseline Test - $725 on coating on one substrate
  • Heat Resistance and Aging - $115 one coating on one substrate
  • UV Resistance (light fastness) - $350 one coating on one substrate

* Volume Discounts available for requests of more than 10 coatings

Scheduling & Shipping

Scheduling depends on facility availability. Attempts will be made to accommodate all scheduling needs.
To schedule evaluation activity, please contact:

Barbara Giordano

Tel: (585) 475-2687
Fax: (585) 475-2690

Rochester Institute of Technology
Printing Applications Laboratory
66 Lomb Memorial Drive
Building 78, Dock 3
Rochester, NY 14623

All OPV samples to be provided in an approved shipping container. One gallon (4 liters) is required for each OPV/substrate combination selected.

All OPV samples must be shipped with an accompanying MSDS. The shipment will not be accepted if no MSDS is provided.

For more information on OPV, download the program announcement and data sheet/order form here.
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