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The Center of Excellence in Advanced & Sustainable Manufacturing (COE-ASM) is a specialized research and development center dedicated to helping emerging and existing manufacturing companies enhance productivity and become more competitive through advanced manufacturing technologies and more sustainable products and processes. Originally established in 2005 as the Center for Sustainable Production and later renamed COE-ASM, the Center works with companies across all manufacturing sectors on technical challenges and opportunities.

The Center conducts collaborative R&D, technical problem-solving, and workforce development for manufacturing companies. Sustainable manufacturing applies "systems thinking" to the design, distribution, production, use, and end-of-life handling of products, leading to greater energy and resource use efficiency and greener products that offer a competitive edge.

Additionally, the COE-ASM is supported by New York State to provide technical assistance to NYS manufacturers and to develop and commercialization of new technologies that advance sustainable manufacturing and offer high potential for private sector job creation and investment in NY.

COE-ASM’s leadership derives from broad working experience and knowledge across a variety of industries and technology domains, professional staff researchers and engineers, state-of-the-art facilities, and a proven ability to investigate and deliver solutions that resolve immediate manufacturing issues while advancing the long-term goals of sustainable production.

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