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2024 Showcase | Student Proposal Submission

Submit your proposal to present at the Graduate Showcase where your work will be acknowledged and celebrated along with fellow RIT graduate students. Proposals for posters and oral presentations will be accepted. The highest ranking presentations will be recognized at the Keynote and Awards Celebration on Thursday, April 11th, and will receive a monetary award.

How to Submit: To submit your work for inclusion in the showcase, you will need to provide a structured
abstract/artist statement, including the following information:
Title/Type of Submission
Provide the title and type of presentation submission
(oral; 10 min. talk, 3-min. thesis/dissertation, 1 min. data blast, or poster)
Presenting Author/Additional Contributors
Provide name and contact info of applicant, college, and program of study and additional
authors/contributors, if applicable
Student’s Advisor
Provide the name and email address of the applicant’s advisor, if applicable
Abstract (200-word limit)
A short description of your work, including background, purpose, and summary of results/impact
Method (200-word limit)
Summarize the research, design, or development approach used in the project
Value (200-word limit)
Summarize the scientific, technological, or practical contributions of the work

Find your fit.
The Graduate Showcase embraces a wide range of themes and modes of work. In addition to the unique keywords of your choosing, please use one or more of the following themes to facilitate the categorization of submission. More than one may apply to the work you wish to submit.
Science: Generation of new knowledge based on research and empirical observation
Technology: The application of scientific knowledge to practical challenges
Engineering: Application of science and technology in any of the engineering disciplines
Visual Arts: Advancing design, culture, creativity, or craftsmanship*
Math: Advancement of theoretical or mathematical concepts
EntrepreneurshipThe pursuit of new businesses or business concepts
Social Science: Liberal arts, communications, psychology, humanities

*There will be a separate Call for Submissions email going out from the College of Art and Design for visual arts exhibition proposals/abstracts.

The deadline for submissions is February 28, 2024, at 11:59 PM, EST.
Questions about the showcase or submission process
can be emailed to


The deadline has passed for 2024 submissions.

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