Research and Creativity Reimbursement Program

Small research and creativity reimbursements may be available for costs graduate students paid related to representing RIT while presenting scholarly or creative work at a juried conference, lab materials associated with conducting research for publication, or supplies purchased for the purpose of public exhibition of creative work. 

All graduate students from all academic programs are welcome to apply for reimbursement.

Application Deadline

Please note that funding is limited. You must not have received reimbursement from the RIT Graduate School in the last 12 months to qualify, one reimbursement per student, per academic year.

Prior to emailing your request, please be sure to merge all documentation into one PDF in the order as shown on the Checklist page of the application. Please note, that applications will only be accepted electronically at

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Mileage Reimbursement

If any part of your travel included you driving, you can request mileage reimbursement by:

  1. including a printout of directions for your trip showing the total miles from start to hotel/conference location.
  2. submitting the fuel receipts along with the application using the receipt reimbursement form.

Currency Converter

If you have expenses in currency other than the United States Dollar (USD), please use this widget to convert your expenses into USD on the date of expense and include it in your application. 

Currency Converter Widget