Member Companies


Sustaio is building the FICO for sustainability providing consumer climate impact intelligence & data, using Sustaio Score, the consumer climate score; think of it as the credit score for sustainability.  This helps companies build stronger relationships with customers & employees while providing a new means for measuring and improving ESG performance. This solution provides real-time data helping people make better decisions in their daily lives and unlock better pricing.

Accelerate Wind

Clean Energy Incubator Company

Accelerate Wind is developing an affordable wind turbine for commercial building rooftops, making it possible to install wind and solar on the same roof and move commercial buildings closer to net zero energy.


Agri-Trak is a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) Farm management software suite created to assist with, automate, and drive efficiencies for agriculture operations. Through various modules, the tool currently offers an easy to use interface for growers to track and log employee time cards, quickly generate payroll reports, track crop production, and ensure compliance with local labor laws. We “reduce administrative tasks, one byte at a time!”


BeamIO Inc. helps users process and manage huge amounts of imagery and other data. Our core focus is enabling the rapid transition of state of the art algorithms from research communities to real industry solutions.

BiRed Imaging

BiRed Imaging Inc. is established to provide an advanced mathematically based technology combining numerical simulation and infrared imaging for detection of female breast cancer. It performs equally with dense breast tissue and is an ideal adjunctive technology for breast cancer screening. We hope to reduce the unnecessary biopsies and related patient anxiety and cost with using mammography alone. It does not employ any harmful radiation, and is non-invasive, low cost and accurate tool based on scientific formulation of fundamental heat transfer processes within a breast. Currently it has undergone initial validation in clinical setting. We are working hard to develop more refined prototypes and undertake large-scale clinical testing. We are excited to bring this innovative technology in our collective fight against breast cancer.


Clean Energy Incubator Company

Capro-X is developing a natural and sustainable biological solution for the problem of Greek yogurt acid whey wastewater produced in N.Y.

Circle Optics

Circle Optics has a proprietary lens system that allows capture and rendering of 360 degree panoramas without the need for stitching, reducing the cost of 360 video.

Combined Energies LLD

Clean Energy Incubator Company

Combined Energies is a development stage entity focused on the design, manufacturing, and marketing of specialty power electronics for the energy storage, electric vehicle, and renewable power generation markets.


Changing How People Seek Support. “Falling behind in class.” “Relationship problems.” “Thoughts of suicide.” Students simply identify something they are concerned about and receive a prioritized list of helpful resources that have been previously identified by school personnel to assist with that particular concern. Resources can be people, offices, or even off-site services. ConcernCenter is fully customizable to your institution, compatible with Google Analytics so you can see which concerns are selected most often, and is Section 508 Americans with Disabilities Act compliant.

Crystal Creek Organics

Clean Energy Incubator Company

Crystal Creek Organics isolates 99% of the phosphorus from an anaerobic digesters’ effluent resulting in commercially viable unique organic fertilizer and other valued bi-products.


EndoGlow designs and distributes medical devices that fluoresce under near-infrared imaging. EndoGlow’s devices aim to improve patient safety, enhance surgical efficiency, and reduce medical costs.

Falcon Fuel Cells

Falcon Fuel Cells manufactures fuel cells with high energy densities for use in UAVs allowing UAVs to fly farther, carry larger payloads, and make more deliveries per flight than battery-powered UAVs.


Advanced roll to roll energy storage company, producing higher performance electrodes for
ultracapacitors and silicon anodes for Li-ion batteries.

Growler Interactive

Growler Interactive builds mobile and console games for school aged children.  Our games focus on the fun while providing educational value, cooperative experiences, and creative outlets for the player.


Hybridwerx has created an easier way for your hands-on and remote workers to collaborate. This collaborative streaming wearable provides hands-on workers with live guidance during complex tasks. The viewer is the director as they can zoom, pan, and even object-track.


Clean Energy Incubator Company

inverSOL is the clean tech division of Council Rock with headquarters in Rochester, N.Y., and manufacturing and sales in Puerto Rico. Our team offers electrical, computer, software and power systems engineering by integrating the latest technologies in wireless, blockchain, and home automation into its products.

MICROrganic Technologies

Clean Energy Incubator Company

MICROrganic Technologies designs and manufactures Bio-Electrochemical Systems that convert the chemical energy in organic waste to electricity, for high energy-efficiency in Wastewater Treatment.

New 3D Technologies, Inc.

New 3D Technologies, Inc. (N3T) was born when its parent, Dimension Technologies Inc. (DTI), shifted toward commercial markets. We have a new name, but we’re still incredibly proud of where we came from.  DTI was nurtured in the Rochester Institute of Technology Venture Creations business incubator and grew to earn 50 research and development grants from several government agencies and commercial clients.


We are developing next generation Additive Manufacturing hardware and software solutions for high speed fabrication of ultra-strong and lightweight composite structures.

R-Display and Lighting LLC

Clean Energy Incubator Company

R-Display & Lighting LLC is in business to generate revenue through the design, development and manufacturing of innovative materials for the burgeoning Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display and lighting industries.


Clean Energy Incubator Company

RemWell offers the novel InSRT reactor, the only technology that fully destroys PFAS groundwater contamination in situ, along with associated design consulting and treatability testing services.


Securent Solutions, LLC produces turnkey and customized “Internet of Things as a Service” (IoTaaS) efficiency and safety solutions for industrial manufacturing and distribution customers. Securent empowers customers to identify and measure process efficiency bottlenecks, and measure the effectiveness of new approaches to optimize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as minimizing energy usage or equipment downtime. Securent also provides predictive insights into human / equipment interactions, allowing managers to flag and correct potential safety issues before injuries or damage occurs.


Reviewing service tickets for potential issues is time-consuming. While surveys give valuable information, not every client responds to surveys. So how do you know if there is an issue for those that don’t respond? This is where ServicePulse comes in. Our software will analyze every ticket and alert you to where there could be potential issues. Think of us as quality assurance for your service team. Even better, we don’t give you another dashboard to look at or portal to log into. We’ll deliver you a report daily to your inbox saving you time and giving you peace of mind.


Sign-Speak is an automated interpreting service for everyday use that provides an improved Customer Experience and ADA Compliance for businesses who serve D/HH individuals by allowing them to use their primary language to communicate effectively and naturally in an intuitive application.

SmartKable PowerLine Solutions

Clean Energy Incubator Company

SmartKable PowerLine Solutions (SK-PLS) leverages on power line sensors and AI software to monitor power line losses and line health in real time and predict the remaining lifetime of the lines. The solution has been proven and refined during field testing and pilot projects at multiple Indian and Caribbean utilities.


Clean Energy Incubator Company

At TelosAIr, we are driven to improve lives by monitoring and improving the quality of the air people breathe. The EPA reports that Americans spend 87% of their time indoors, so indoor air quality has a tremendous impact on our well-being. Our complete, end-to-end solutions provide the best way not only to monitor the air you breathe, but also to improve air quality by integrating our cloud-based data analytics with building management systems. Our cutting-edge data visualization will allow you to “see” and track changes in your air quality, and assure you that it is safe to breathe.

Tyll Solar

Clean Energy Incubator Company

A solar energy Research & Development company focused on the huge global potential for solar innovation and technology transfer. By helping strategic partners deliver more energy at lower cost, Tyll aims to become a significant contributor to the reduction in fossil fuel use for residential and commercial structures.

X3i Solutions

X3i Solutions is a software and service provider focused on revolutionizing how the Telecommunications industry manages the portability of numbering resources.