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Microsoft Licensing Agreement Details

Microsoft CAMPUS Licensing Agreement

RIT has secured a licensing agreement with Microsoft to provide Faculty and Staff the ability to keep both their work and home computers up to date with the most commonly used Microsoft software and Operating Systems. This agreement applies to desktop and laptop computers only and does not include server software.


What's included?

Microsoft operating system upgrades for desktop and laptop computers. ITS currently recommends Microsoft Windows 10, x64.

Office for Windows systems

Current version available is Microsoft Office Professional 2016 which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, OneNote, and Publisher.

Office for Macintosh systems

Current version available is Microsoft Office 2016 for Macintosh which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook.

Client Access Licenses (CALs)

For MS-Exchange, SMS, and SharePoint Portal Server. CALs will be required for each machine using Exchange email and calendaring system.


What's not included?

  • Microsoft Server operating system software.
  • MS Visio, Project, or any Microsoft software not explicitly listed above.


How do I get it?

On-Campus Computers

The three-year agreement allows for the above software and upgrades to be applied to any RIT-owned computer covered by the program. This means that any RIT-owned computer (including desktops, laptops and lab machines) may be upgraded to the latest Microsoft operating system or Office release without the purchase of a separate license or upgrade license. As always, to arrange for a software upgrade, please contact your system administrator or the RIT Service Center at 5-5000 or

Home Computers

The agreement also allows for easier home use for RIT employees for the products covered in the agreement. Home use CDs are available for a nominal fee to Faculty and Staff at the Digital Den. Purchase of these CDs provide Faculty and Staff the ability to keep their home machines up to date with the latest Microsoft software through the Microsoft Campus Licensing Agreement. For version and availability information, please contact the Digital Den at (585) 475-2211.

Microsoft SELECT Licensing Agreement

RIT has secured an agreement known as Microsoft SELECT that allows the Institute to purchase a number of commonly-used Microsoft software titles at a substantial discount. This agreement covers many of the titles that the CAMPUS agreement does not extend to, including most server software, but it is a volume purchasing agreement and not an unrestricted site-license.

With SELECT, software licenses and installation media can be purchased separately. This allows the software to be installed on multiple machines from just one DVD or CD, and the cost of those licenses is far less than that available through any other channel. However, unlike CAMPUS, an individual license must be purchased for each machine on which the SELECT software is to be installed. Further, the SELECT license does not allow concurrent use; if the software is to be installed on 30 machines, RIT must purchase 30 licenses regardless of how many of those instances are in use at any one time.

Work-at-home rights are included with each SELECT license, so if an RIT Faculty or Staff member has a particular software title loaded on their RIT-owned workstation, they are allowed to install that same software on their personal machine for work-related purposes. (The faculty or staff member could not, for example, use that software in a separate side-business or other commercial enterprise). Due to certain technical limitations of the licensing mechanism, however, this work-at-home installation must be performed at the RESNET office.


What's included?

Various applications, such as Access, Visio, and Project.

Development Platforms, such as Visual Studio.

Windows Server in its various editions.

Other server-based products such as SQL server, and Share Point.

Client Access Licenses for server-based products.


What's not included?

  • Microsoft Office and its associated applications. This is covered by the CAMPUSagreement.
  • Microsoft Windows, in its various releases. These are also covered by CAMPUS
NOTE: You will not recieve any physical materials or confirmation notice when you order licenses or CALs. Your purchase simply registers the license with Microsoft.


How do I get it?

Home computers

While work-at-home use is allowed, special license keys are required to install the software on your machine. These keys cannot be publicly disseminated, so the installation of SELECT software on your personal machine will have to be done by ITS at the RESNET office. Please contact the ResNet office to arrange this.

Dell is our Microsoft Licensing partner/reseller for both MS-EES (formerly known as MS-Campus) and Select items, under the NYS OGS agreement.

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