Work Folders

What Is Work Folders?

Work Folders is a solution that provides users access to a “sync share” that is used to synchronize a folder in your user profile to a central server, similar to how products like Dropbox/Google Drive/Microsoft OneDrive work. We are combining this with two other technologies, Folder Redirection and User Experience Virtualization (UE-V), to provide a complete profile data and persona synchronization solution.

Work Folders Microsoft FAQ:

What is Folder Redirection?

Folder Redirection is traditionally used to move the data in your user profile from your local computer to a file server. This can introduce some challenges in today’s mobile world, where you may not have a network connection available. We are able to still utilize this technology in conjunction with Work Folders to “redirect” some of your profile folders into the new Work Folders folder, which will then sync to the server in the background. This keeps your data local while still syncing it to the server for availability from other devices.

What is UE-V?

UE-V is a tool that is used to collect profile settings, such as your desktop wallpaper and other personalization settings. This can be then used synced via Work Folders to carry your profile settings from computer to computer. If you have logged into a personal computer running Windows 10 with a Microsoft account, you may have already had a similar experience to this.

How Can I Get Work Folders?

NOTE: Work Folders is currently only available to ITS-managed Windows 10 devices in either the MAIN or AD domains. Clients in the FINANCE domain are not supported at this time.

ITS is rolling out Work Folders to supported Windows 10 computers starting in June 2019. If you would like Work Folders enabled for your account, please submit a request to the RIT Service Center

Work Folders is not a replacement for FINANCE domain "P Drives" at this time. If you are a FINANCE domain user and have a P Drive, this will continue to be provided and usuable as it is now.

Size Limitations

All Work Folders sync shares start with a 25 GB quota. Quotas can be increased on a case by case basis, and limits are monitored so they can be preemptively adjusted if needed.

If you need more space, please submit a request to the RIT Service Center, and we will work to meet your needs to the best of our funding and abilities. Please provide the justification as to why you need the additional space at the time of your request.

What to Expect

The first time you log in to your computer after being enrolled into Work Folders will take a few minutes longer than normal; this is to be expected. The data in your Contacts, Desktop, Documents, Favorites, and Pictures will be moved to to reside inside the Work Folders folder, which will allow the data to be synchronizied afterwards.

If you log in to your computer from off campus without VPN, you may be prompted to authenticate to Work Folders in order to synchronize data. Please enter your username and password, prefacing your username with "MAIN\".

Accessing Work Folders

If you are enrolled into Work Folders, you will see a link to it in Windows Explorer on the left hand side, which will show your profile folders that have been redirected into Work Folders. These folders are still accessible via the normal folder links under Quick Access.

Viewing Work Folders Status

To see the current sync status of Work Folders, and your current quota usage, access the Work Folder Control Panel applet. If you have a question, please use the "Email tech support" link to send an email to the RIT Service Center, which will auto-include information about your Work Folders share and client.