Affiliated Courses

IGME 152H-01: Maps as New Media

Description: From the earliest maps in cave paintings to today's mobile cartographic apps, maps have been used to reveal, delineate, verify, orient, navigate, anticipate, historicize, conceal, persuade, and, on occasion, even lie. In this honors course, through a directed program of readings, discussions, and hands-on experimentation, the students will investigate maps and their power in spatial production and consumption through a new media lens.

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IGME 590: Geo Games - From Ben Russel’s headmap Manifesto to Pokémon GO and Beyond 

Description: Geo games (GG) emerged in the early 2000s during a period of experimentation with location-aware technologies, digital storytelling, and interactive media art. Nowadays, GG have evolved from their experimental, bricoleur origins, and have gained mainstream recognition. In modern GG, the virtual space of the game intermingles with the physical environment temporarily reconfiguring and repurposing it for playful behavior. This confluence of playful behavior, public space, and mobile, networked technologies gives rise to a multitude of theoretical and practical challenges relating to the study, design, and development of GG. In this course, the students will be exposed to these challenges and study GG through a theoretical, empirical, and a design-oriented approach.

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