People-Place Relationships, Civic Engagement

Several authors have tried untangling how locative play affects people-place relationships and civic engagement. However, most of this work is highly theoretical and is, for the most part, based “on descriptions of game mechanics or incidents from second-hand sources, rather than empirical research”. This project is trying to address this lacuna by not only substantiating these theorizations but also by exploring: (1) the antecedents and drivers that influence civic engagement and people-place relationships to form through locative play, (2) the surrounding and supporting structures of these, (3) and the effects of these in relation to attitudes, perceptions, behaviors, etc regarding various locations.

We are currently recruiting a Ph.D. student for this research project. For more information see the Open Positions page.

Principal Investigator: Konstantinos Papangelis
Co-Investigators: TBA
Ph.D. student: TBA
BSc/MSc students: TBA