People and Partners


Cecilia Alm
PI, Director, ExCom
Rain Bosworth
Senior Personnel
Assistant Professor
Gabriel Diaz
Senior Personnel
Associate Professor
Jamison Heard
Senior Personnel
Assistant Professor
Matt Huenerfauth
Senior Personnel
Dean, Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences
Alexander Ororbia
Assistant Professor
Roshan Peiris
Assistant Professor
Esa Rantanen
Co-PI, ExCom
Associate Professor
Ferat Sahin
Co-PI, ExCom
Department Head
Kristen Shinohara
Co-PI, ExCom
Assistant Professor
Garreth Tigwell
Senior Personnel
Assistant Professor
Bing Yan
Senior Personnel
Assistant Professor

Staff - Coordinator

Leslie Weber
Senior Staff Assistant

Trainee Council

headshot of Arianna Giguere.

Arianna Giguere
Ph.D. student in Imaging Science

headshot of Emily Kuang.

Emily Kuang
Ph.D. student in Computing and Information Science

headshot of Justin Namba.

Justin Namba
Ph.D. student in Computing and Information Sciences

Karthik Subramanian headshot

Karthik Subramanian
Ph.D. student in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Independent Advisory Committee

The multidisciplinary Independent Advisory Committee (IAC) includes external academic and industry scholars with extensive relevant experience. The IAC’s role includes assessing outcomes, providing feedback, and offering guidance to the Executive Committee about AWARE-AI NRT operations. An annual IAC Summit takes place in late spring.

  • Lorna Quandt, Gallaudet, Assistant Professor, CREST founder
  • Dan Roth, University of Pennsylvania, Eduardo D. Glandt Distinguished Professor of Computer and Information Science
  • Natalie Schluter, ITU, Associate Professor, Google Brain, Senior Research Scientist, Equity Director of ACL
  • Raja Kushalnagar, Gallaudet, Professor, Program Director of Information Technology
  • Nathan Pendelton, Argo AI

Internal Advisory Board

The RIT administrators and faculty on the Internal Advisory Board (IAB) represent several campus constituents. IAB members serve in an advisory capacity, convening with the Executive Committee in fall and spring to review and discuss AWARE-AI NRT activities and outcomes from a university-internal perspective.

  • Keith Jenkins, Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Diane Slusarski, Associate Provost and Dean, Graduate Education
  • Pengcheng Shi, Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship/Ph.D. Program Director
  • Ed Hensel, ​​Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
  • Mindy Magyar, Faculty Associate to the Provost for AALANA Faculty
  • Betsy Dell, Director of AdvanceRIT and Senior Faculty Associate to the Provost for Women Faculty
  • Scott Franklin, Director, CASTLE Center for Advancing STEM Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
  • Matt Dye, Director of NTID SPACE Center

Partnering with AWARE-AI

We invite your organization to connect with us about partnerships which may provide the following opportunities:


Connect with Trainees and attract interns who are well-rounded and value responsibility and human-centeredness in AI


Promote the development of a more diverse AI workforce and connect with talent from diverse backgrounds


Communicate with faculty with AI expertise in five colleges for potential collaborations


Tap into training workshops and resources open to our community, for employees/alumni


Benefit from visibility through internships and cooperation

Becoming a partner

To learn more about partnership, please contact:

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