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The NTID Learning Consortium is comprised of the NTID Learning Center (NLC) and the NTID Office of Online Initiatives. The primary mission of the NLC is to support students’ learning and academic success. The NTID Office of Online Initiatives offers comprehensive training and support to NTID Instructors and Tutors interested in developing online coursework. Together, the NTID Learning Consortium exemplifies a dedicated commitment to fostering a dynamic educational environment and supporting the continuous growth of DHH students through tailored support services and innovative online initiatives.

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New Certificate for Instructors & Tutors-Inclusive Course Design: Strategies for Accessibility

NTID’s Inclusive Course Design: Strategies for Accessibility certificate is now available on RIT’s Talent Roadmap. Participate in a transformative series of 4 online courses that delve into understanding the challenges some students face; utilizing Ally - RIT’s accessibility tool; and creating accessible documents and digital media for your courses. In this certificate, you will explore the diverse needs of the RIT student body and gain valuable insights for creating accessible materials so your students can take advantage of alternative file formats provided by Ally via myCourses. Through engaging content, practical tips, and interactive activities, this series will foster understanding, strategies, and actionable steps toward more inclusive and accessible courses. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and make a positive impact for all of your students. A Certificate of Completion is awarded to those who complete all four courses.

Course 1: Understanding the Student Experience provides instructors with insight into student learning challenges, examples of diverse learning experiences, and tips for instructors to help all students thrive in their classes.

Course 2: Empowering Learning Through Ally’s Alternative Formats advances instructor’s knowledge of tools available within myCourses that are designed to make your course content more accessible.

Course 3: Ensuring Accessible Documents provides instructors with the guidance necessary to gain valuable insights and skills for creating accessible digital documents.

Course 4: Crafting Accessible Digital Media helps instructors develop skills for creating and reviewing engaging and accessible digital media.

Inclusive Course Design: Strategies for Accessibility

New NTID online courses – Spring Semester, 2235

NDLS 280
International Studies Seminar: France
Lisa Johnston

Bonnie Bastian
Senior Speech/Language Professional

Fact or Fiction: Becoming a W.I.S.E. Consumer of Digital Information
Bonnie Bastian

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The NTID Learning Center (NLC) and the NTID Office of Online Initiatives offer service and support to NTID Instructors/Tutors and Students.

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