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English Tutoring

Professional Tutoring

Professional English Tutoring Schedule

Peer Tutoring

Not available this semester

How to schedule an appointment for tutoring

For Professional English Tutoring, you will need to register at https://ntid.mywconline.com.
You will need to sign in or register for an account.

Any questions please contact:

Professional English Tutoring: Jeanine Yamonaco jnynge@rit.edu
Peer English Tutoring: Patricia Kenney pxknce@rit.edu

Math Tutoring

For NTID Students Taking Classes in Other RIT Colleges

Academic support is a unique blend of resources available to each deaf and hard-of-hearing student who takes courses in the other eight colleges and two-degree granting units of RIT. Students can choose to meet with NTID faculty tutors who have content expertise in the student’s major program, are proficient in sign language, and work closely with the faculty teaching the courses. Learn more

Support Coordinators

NTID Academic Department — RIT College Support Coordinator Contact Info
NTID ICS - RIT GCCIS Brian Nadworny Brian.Nadworny@rit.edu
NTID Engineering - RIT CET David Monahan djmnet@rit.edu
NTID Science and Math - RIT COS, CHST Stacey Davis Stacey.Davis@rit.edu
NTID Liberal Studies - RIT COLA Pamela Conley prcnge@rit.edu
NTID Business - RIT SCOB, CET (Hospitality), COLA (Economics) Kelly Metz Davis kmmsfs@rit.edu
NTID VCS — RIT College of Art and Design Shannon Connell sdcnai@rit.edu