Membership Benefits

Discover What’s Included in Your Membership

Our dual-track program allows you to participate in Osher peer-led classes and events (in person or online), and/or you can take advantage of auditing RIT undergraduate classes (in person or online), plus other university benefits.

Osher Campus Benefits

On the Osher campus, Single-Term and Full-Year members can do the following:

RIT Campus Privileges

Audit Undergraduate Courses on the RIT Campus...for FREE!
Full-Year members can audit eligible* RIT undergraduate courses for free as part of your membership (but you do not earn college credits).For the general public, the cost of auditing just one 3-credit course at RIT is more than $750 so this is an amazing Osher member benefit! 

  1. Search the RIT online course catalog for eligible* undergraduate courses you're interested in. Make sure to choose "RIT Main" as the campus.
  2. Join Osher as a Full-Year member.
  3. Work with Osher staff to get an RIT University Identification (UID) number and student ID card.
  4. Complete the auditing form on our Resources page.

Get an RIT University Identification Number and Card for Additional Campus Benefits
Full-Year members can take advantage of the following RIT benefits; applying for an RIT UID number and/or a student ID card is required.

  • Auditing eligible* undergraduate classes
  • Discounts wherever student discounts are offered worldwide
  • A free Henrietta BJ’s Wholesale Club membership
  • Student admission rates for campus events
  • Borrowing privileges at the RIT library (physical and digital assets)
  • Access to campus fitness facilities at a reduced rate
  • State-of-the-art hearing evaluation and hearing aid purchase through RIT’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID). For more information, go to the Audiology website.

*NTID courses and courses that are full, have a waitlist, and/or have associated labs/studios are not eligible for auditing. Courses with pre-requisites require pre-approval from the instructor. Courses with interpreters vary per semester.

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