PHT180 Supplemental Funding Program

Supplemental Funding Program

PHT180 Supplemental Funding Program

Following the supplemental funding mechanisms for funding agencies such as the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health, the PHT180 Supplemental Funding Program is established to accept request of funds to support research activities supplementing an active externally-funded grant (referred to as “parent grant”) affiliated with PHT180.


  • Support research activities that are within the scope of an active parent grant, but with expenses that are unforeseen when the grant proposal was submitted.
  • Support the initiation of new research activities that are within or beyond the scope of the parent grant in preparation of a renewal of the parent grant or a new grant application.
  • Support the continuation of research during a potential funding gap in the near term following the completion of the parent grant.


  • Principle investigators (PIs) of an externally-funded grant (parent grant), with designated PHT180 affiliation, are eligible to apply for supplemental funding when the parent grant is active (including no-cost extension), or within one year after the official close-out of the parent grant.
  • The proposed research activity must meet the goals outlined for PHT180 Supplemental Funding Program.
  • The proposed supplemental funding may include multiple categories of research expenditures, all of which must comply with that outlined in RIT’s Academic and Research Centers Policy.

Budget: Multiple supplemental requests may be submitted for the same parent grant. The total budget limit of all supplemental requests associated with a parent grant is up to 40% of the indirect cost recovered by PHT180 associated with the parent grant.

Funding period: The proposed supplemental activities and budget periods must be within or within one-year after the close-out of the currently approved project period for the parent award.

Application Process: To make a request to PHT180’s Supplemental Funding Program, the applicant should fill out and submit the PHT180 Supplemental Funding Application Form. Request for supplemental funding associated with multiple parent grants of the same PI may be submitted in one single application.

Review Process: The application to the PHT180 Supplemental Funding Program will be reviewed by the PHT180’s Leadership Team, and the decision will be made known to the applicant within one month of the application.

Award management & reporting: Once approved, the PI will work with PHT180’s Research Program Administrator on the expenditures associated with the approved supplemental fund.