Support & Resources

Support & Resources

Are you a researcher looking for collaborators or support for your active or future project?

Affiliate your funded research projects with the PHT180 SIRA to qualify for support services with no impact to overhead distribution! Affiliated faculty and other individuals with projects seeking sponsorship have access to all of the services listed below.
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Are You Seeking Grant Funding?

We provide the following services to help you succeed in securing grants.

Grant Development, Editing Services & Peer Review

Technical editing services are available to help ensure the success of your grant proposal and manuscripts. The PHT180 Grant Review Committee can provide you with detailed feedback from experienced researchers to strengthen your grant proposals.

Find Collaborators & Research Partners

Connect to research partners, find relevant mentors, learn about other grant and research opportunities.

Promote your Research Online

We offer website design and development services to get your research noticed by sponsors and collaborators.  

Travel Funds for Faculty Affiliates and Students  

We provide support for our faculty affiliates to meet with collaborators or potential sponsors to advance new grant proposals. Travel funds are also available for students who are presenting affiliated grant research at a conference.

Do You Have an Active Grant?

We provide the following resources and services to assist you with managing your grant. 

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Grant Management Services

Faculty with affiliated grants have access to administrative support to help with grant managementsponsorship reporting, and budget projections.

NIH Budget Reduction Table

This guide summarizes the administrative budget adjustment policy of each NIH Institute & Center. This provides information to researchers who are developing grant budgets to plan for award amounts after an administrative adjustment and still have adequate funds to conduct the proposed work.

Professional Design Services

Access professional design services to visually enhance your journal articles, posters, and presentation materials. Promote your research online by connecting with our talented website design and development team. 

Publishing Fee Funds for Affiliated Grants

Funding support is provided to PHT180 affiliated faculty to help offset high publishing costs for healthcare technology-related journal articles.

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Grant Showcase
NIH R01: Innovative Mental Health Services Grant

Illustration Credit: Wenrong He
The healthcare landscape in the United States is constantly changing, creating new challenges to the delivery of high-quality treatments and services to children, youth, adults, and older adults with unmet or under-met mental health needs.

The purpose of this funding announcement is to encourage innovative research that will inform and support the delivery of high-quality, continuously improving mental health services to benefit the greatest number of individuals with, or at risk for developing, a mental illness.