Jeanne Christman

Jeanne Christman Headshot

Home Department and Title: Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering Technology – Associate Professor and Associate Department Chair

Interests (Teaching/Research): Teaching: Digital and Embedded Systems Design. Research: Engineering Education Culture and equity in STEM

Year started at RIT: 2002 as adjunct

Favorite place(s) on campus: ShopOne, Vignelli Gallery

Mentorship areas: Equitable teaching practices. Work/family life balance

  1. Proud Professional Moment: Receiving the Eisenhart Award


  1. Trials and Foils: Having my research taken seriously by my male colleagues has been a challenge.  Progress has been slow, but it is getting better.  Being persistent and connecting my research to wider University initiatives has helped.


  1. Words of Wisdom: Our job is to teach the students who come to us and meet them where they are, not to turn out clones of ourselves. This is not to say lowering standards, but it’s about realizing that each student is unique and has different needs in order to thrive


  1. Future Aspirations: I hope to make an impact on changing the culture of engineering education at RIT and beyond.