Distinguished Professor

The Distinguished Professor designation is the highest academic title at RIT and is given to faculty who have exhibited a record of sustained excellence over the course of their careers. 


Distinguished Professors must be professors holding tenure or granted tenure under expedited review (Policy E06.1).


Faculty must have exhibited a record of singular excellence sustained over the course of their careers, as demonstrated by extraordinary scholarly contributions manifested in leading journal publications, books, or creative accomplishments; and at least one of the following:

  1. Preeminent teaching ability that creates significant and lasting contributions to the practice of teaching that go beyond the university; or,
  2. Exemplary service that impacts one’s professional field or the lives of others in extraordinary ways.

Nomination Process

Nomination for the Distinguished Professor title is initiated by the nominee’s dean or by an RIT professor. Self-nominations are prohibited.

For more information about the selection process and terms of a distinguished professor, go to section E06.1 of RIT’s University Policies.

Awards Ceremony

Honorees will be recognized at the Provost’s Celebration of Teaching and Scholarship awards.  

More information about ceremony

Award Recipients

Carlos O. Lousto, College of Science

Amit Batabyal, College of Liberal Arts

Manuela Campanelli, College of Science
Satish Kandlikar, Kate Gleason College of Engineering
James Perkins, College of Health Sciences and Technology

John Klofas, College of Liberal Arts
Josh Owen, College of Art and Design
Bruce Smith, Kate Gleason College of Engineering


For more information, contact the Academic Affairs team at academicaffairs@rit.edu.