Technology, the Arts, and Design

At RIT, the intersection of Technology, the Arts, and Design, or TAD, is the meaningful partnership of diverse ways of thinking, exploring, and making to address complex contemporary problems, advance knowledge, and pursue joy and wonder.

The disciplinary realms that comprise TAD at RIT include:

Technology incorporates the application of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) for practical purposes

The Arts involve the aesthetic articulation of creativity to connect people through shared experience or understanding

Design is the empathetic, iterative synthesis of function and form to align product, user, and environment

Most current TAD activity at RIT falls within one of the following overarching thematic areas:

Solving Humanity's Complex Problems: uniting diverse perspectives and expertise to identify challenging problems, understand the underlying complexity, and develop creative, collaborative solutions.

Storytelling through Enhanced Realities: leveraging Technology to help spin imaginative tales, put on wondrous shows, and create compelling experiences.

Pushing the Boundaries of Visual Communication and Imaging: uniting expertise with technology to explore the boundaries of visual media and media technologies

Past Events

screenshot of first T/A/D Town Hall
Recording of first TAD Town Hall

For more information or to share your thoughts, please contact Robin Cass (CAD) Provost’s Associate for the Integration of Technology, the Arts, and Design at

TAD Strategy Working Group

In Fall of 2020, Provost Granberg named Robin Cass, professor in the College of Art and Design, the Provost’s Associate for the Integration of Technology, the Arts, and Design and charged her with advancing the TAD Initiative. In Spring of 2021, Cass assembled the TAD Strategy Working Group, a faculty committee with representation from across the University, in order to work collaboratively to identify opportunities and recommend strategies to strengthen and grow TAD at RIT that leverage existing faculty expertise and interest.

Members of the TAD Strategy Working Group

Robin Cass

School of Art
College of Art and Design

Carlos Castellanos

Assistant Professor
School of Interactive Games and Media
Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences

Julius J. Chiavaroli

Department of Architecture
Golisano Institute for Sustainability

Sandi Connelly

Principal Lecturer
Thomas H. Gosnell School of Life Sciences
College of Science

Elizabeth DeBartolo

Associate Professor
Dean’s Office
Kate Gleason College of Engineering

Keli DiRisio

Assistant Professor
School of Design
College of Art and Design

Joe Geigel

Department of Computer Science
Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences

Elizabeth Goins

Associate Professor
Department of English
College of Liberal Arts

W Michelle Harris

Associate Professor
School of Interactive Games and Media
Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences

Clark Hochgraf

Associate Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
College of Engineering Technology

Daniel Hughes

School of Photographic Arts and Sciences
College of Art and Design

Eric Kunsman

Assistant Professor
Department of Visual Communications Studies
National Technical Institute for the Deaf

Rick Mislan

Senior Lecturer
Department of MIS, Marketing, and Analytics
Saunders College of Business

Michael Murdoch

Head of the Integrated Sciences Academy
Integrated Sciences Academy
College of Science

James Perkins

Department Head of Medical Sciences, Health and Management
Department of Medical Sciences, Health, and Management
College of Health Sciences and Technology