RIT Student Accelerator

Summer 2020 - Investor Demo Night

Join us on Wednesday, August 5 2020 at 6pm as 7 teams from the Summer 2020 cohort present their businesses.  Mark your calendars and register here today!

Starting at 6:50pm after team presentations there will also be time for Q&A and networking with the teams after!

AgCorder: https://rit.zoom.us/j/95927368496

Mingle: https://rit.zoom.us/j/3332698140

I2A: https://rit.zoom.us/j/6016558416

Defeat The God: https://rit.zoom.us/j/6602207734

B-Respirator: https://rit.zoom.us/j/6305203677

Local Sports: https://rit.zoom.us/j/5406196615

Hangout: https://rit.zoom.us/j/3272902700


Fall 2020 Entrepreneurial Co-op Opportunities

Due to an increased need for Fall 2020 co-op opportunities, the Simone Center, working with the Office of Career Services & Co-op, is expanding access to its Fall entrepreneurship and innovation programs. The Simone Center’s Fall co-op programs will be operating in an in-person this semester. 

If you're part of a team seeking entrance into the Fall Accelerator Program, please click here to apply now.

If you are an individual, who lost their co-op opportunity or has been unable to locate one, please contact Evan Vershay (ejvvpr@rit.edu). The Simone Center will seek to identify an existing team to employ your expertise.

Start Your Business at RIT

Do you have an intriguing business concept with an early-stage business plan? Are you looking to work on this during the academic year and earn a stipend to do so?

The Simone Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is pleased to host the RIT Student Accelerator Program. This initiative is a full-time intense semester-long program aimed at assisting entrepreneurs and innovators in developing their business concepts to a point where they are ready to begin to seek angel investment. The program offers instruction across a range of subjects relevant to startups, including:

  • Customer discovery
  • Prototyping
  • Leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Seeking investment capital

Applications for the Summer 2020 term are now open! Please use the following link to apply.