Student Innovation Labs

Student Innovation Labs

In Spring 2017, the Simone Center proudly opened the Student Innovation Lab on the fourth floor of Institute Hall, INS. The purpose of this new space is to provide students the opportunity to work closely with other teams on many different aspects of their business ideas, startups and projects. This includes areas for prototyping, collaborating and even office space for teams to push their ideas to the next level. The Student Innovation Lab is split up into three separate working areas for students: The Construct 3D Printing Lab, Access Technology Lab and Student Incubator Co-Work Space.

The Construct 3D Printing Lab (INS-4175)

Many projects are enhanced by the use of 3D printers, particularly for prototyping and manufacturing purposes. This new lab space allows student teams to utilize this up and coming technology to design, build and create products for potential consumers. This type of technology allows for three dimensional objects to be printed with numerous materials including plastics and metals. The new space provides a valuable bridge between The Construct makerspace next door and the Additive Manufacturing and Multifunctional Printing (AMPrint) Center across the hall.


Access Technology Lab (INS-4177)

The Simone Center is becoming increasingly focused and more involved in access technology concepts and projects. There are numerous student and faculty teams on campus working collaboratively on real world problems in Rochester and many other communities. The space provides teams with an area to prototype, hold meetings and work towards a functioning solution to these problems. Access technology includes everything from prosthetics and products for individuals with disabilities to products for the deaf and hard of hearing. 


Incubator Co-Work Lab (INS-4170)

If you are a student team looking for office space to work on business products, services and ideas, this is the place for you! The Co-Work Lab is a huge space that is beautifully furnished with office desks, chairs, filing cabinets, whiteboards and even a small kitchen area lounge. It is a space that encourages and promotes creativity, collaboration and entrepreneurship. This area fosters teamwork and dedication, and pushes teams to take their business to the next level.


For more information and to apply for space contact Mike Buffalin, Manager of the Construct.