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Lynn Fuller

When the history of microelectronic engineering is written, there will be a long chapter devoted to Lynn Fuller. Dr. Fuller is an RIT alumnus from the class of 1970. He joined the electrical engineering faculty, and made RIT's first transistors in 1978 teaching a senior level professional elective course in semiconductor devices. That course and Dr. Fuller's dedication led to the launch of RIT's program in Microelectronic Engineering. At that time, no other university in the world had attempted to educate undergraduate students in the area of micro-e. Dr. Fuller had founding responsibility for development of the program, funding and creation of the laboratory facility, and development of the graduate programs in micro-e, including creation of the RIT Microsystems Ph.D. Program.

The microelectronic engineering program now has over 1000 alumni working in the semiconductor industry worldwide. The program has become nationally and internationally recognized for excellence in micro-e, as has Dr. Fuller.