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Robert Fabbio

Entrepreneur and RIT Computer Science alumnus, Robert Fabbio '85 is not just a successful entrepreneur, he's a visionary entrepreneur. When he launches a start-up, which he has done many times, he's usually looking to change the entire industry in which he's working. He did it in 1979 when he launched Tivoli Systems, an enterprise computer management system when there was no such thing as enterprise computer management. He did it again in launching Dazel Corporation. He became so adept at launching world-class innovative businesses that he was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 1997. Currently, he is innovating in an industry sorely in need of new approaches. His latest venture, White Glove House Call Health, stands to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered to the consumer. Bob shares his entrepreneurial experience and perspectives on business innovation to our students in numerous ways, including speaking at our annual Entrepreneurship Conference and mentoring student entrepreneur teams.