Advisor Training Materials

Advisors have access to the Advisor Center as well as transactional pages within the SIS to perform their various duties. The Advisor Center is a portal within the Student Information System that provides you a modified view of what students see when they log in to the SIS.  It serves as an online one-stop shop to access a student’s schedule of classes, advisors, holds, course history, unofficial transcript, and more. Transactional pages are typically used for processing types of activities.

Training materials and how-to guides are posted below to help advisors find information and complete key processes in the SIS. As new functions and processes become available, we will continue to publish new training materials.

Advisor Center Overview

What's Included:

  • What is the Advisor Center and how do I get there?
  • How to view a student's schedule
  • How to view advisors
  • How to view holds
  • How to access RIT course history
  • How to access an unofficial transcript
  • Class Search
  • Program Library
  • Term Values
  • Active Course Subject Codes
  • Glossary of Terms and Icons

Non-Registered Student Outreach Tracking

What's Included:

  • Non-Registered Student Outreach Overview
  • Permissions for the Non-Reg Tracking Page
  • Accessing the Non-Reg Tracking Page from My Advisees
  • Using the Non-Reg Tracking Page: View/Update Access
  • Using the Non-Reg Tracking Page: View Only Access
  • Glossary of Terms: Non-Registered Outreach Status Codes (Automated)
  • Glossary of Terms: Non-Registered Outreach Reason Codes (Automated)
  • Glossary of Terms: Non-Registered Reason Codes (Manual)
  • Glossary of Terms: My Advisees (Details Tab)

An Introduction to Enrollment and Processing in PeopleSoft

What's Included:
  • Academic Structure: An Introduction
  • Courses and Classes
  • Enrollment
  • Step-by-Step: Enroll a student
  • Enrollment Errors, Overrides, and Messages
  • Step-by-Step: Drop a student from a class
  • Wait Lists
  • Step-by-Step: Putting a student on a wait list
  • Step-by-Step: Advisor Use of Swap
  • Service Indicators
  • Step-by-Step: Adding a Service Indicator from a student record
  • Step-by-Step: Removing a Service Indicator from a student record
  • Step-by-Step: Downloading a List of Classes within a Subject Area to Excel
  • Step-by-Step: Viewing Enrollment Transaction History
  • Step-by-Step: Specifying User Defaults
  • Active Course Subject Codes
  • Glossary of Terms and Icons

5 Steps to Reviewing AP Credit

What's Included:

  • How to run a Transfer Evaluation Report
  • Advanced Placement Test Table
  • How to Access a Transfer Credit Summary
  • How to view a Transfer Credit Report Using Advisor Center
  • How to run the Posted AP Credit Query

Editing Advisor Assignments in PeopleSoft

What's Included:

  • Who are advisors?
  • Advisor/Committee Roles
  • How Advisors are assigned
  • Committees
  • Committee Management
  • The Importance of Effective Dates
  • Term Start and End Dates
  • Deleting an Advisor
  • How to Assign an Advisor to a Student -  First Time
  • How to Assign an Additional Advisor to a Student
  • Change of Plan within the Same Program
  • Change Advisor Assignment due to Change of Program
  • Switch from Advisor to Committee Assignment

An Introduction to Enrollment Process for First-Year Students

What's Included:

  • The Four Steps to Successful Enrollment
  • The Student Center
  • Searching for Classes and Filling the Shopping Cart
  • Validating the Shopping Cart
  • Enrollment
  • Dropping
  • Swapping